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Tuesday, December 28, 2010


Here is the Thanksgiving dress that I made for my granddaughter.

Here is a photo of my kids and their significant others at a Christmas party that my daughter and son-in-law had in Dallas. Oldest son on left with his gf, youngest son and his gf, and daughter and son-in-law. They are all such good-looking and sweet kids!

My Poor Posting

Yes, my posting has been poor. It just seems like I have been so busy, and really not had alot to say. Hmm... yeah, when has that stopped me? Well, if you will look below this post, I posted about redoing my son's bathroom. After I finish this project, I also am going to be having my mother a luncheon with 5-7 of her friends. This is also one of her after Christmas gifts. It is really hard to buy for her because she lives in a small apartment, so she definitely does not need any home decor. She only has so much closet space, so no new clothes for her. I did get her a charm for her Pandora bracelet. I also got her a gift card for a pedicure, and I got her a very pretty card table tablecloth with matching napkins that I purchased at the estate sale that I worked. So, after I redo the bathroom, it will be time to plan the luncheon. I also am doing another gift for my sister and my nieces. You see, I failed to mention that I got a relapse of that bronchitis about 10 days before Christmas. I was sick in the bed for 5 days with horrific coughing. I am realizing that when I am around dust, mold, or such to wear a mask!! Anyway, I have lots to do!!! I did get some towels monogrammed and my granddaughter's stocking made and monogrammed before Christmas. I also made her a cute monogrammed Christmas dress. I will post a photo on it later. I think I need to go back to work to earn some money for some of the things I want to do. My computer screen has gone out, and I am presently using my computer by being plugged into a flat-screen TV. So, at some time I will need a new computer. I am really wanting to get a Mac. I am so tired of these sorry computers that don't last very long!! Also, I want to buy a serger. Since it seems like I am doing more clothing construction, a serger would be a cool tool to have.. again- more money!! Okay, I gotta get going- gotta go get started on that bathroom!!!!

After Christmas Gift

Are you intrigued by this title of after Christmas gift. Well... I am about to give my oldest son his after Christmas gift. I got a few things for him under the tree, but I asked him about this gift beforehand.. would he be disappointed without more under the Christmas tree or did he want what I had to offer? He took my offer. He has a house that was built in I would say the early 60s. I think it has the original beaded board wainscoting in the bathroom. The wallpaper may have been more recent. Anyway... he is getting a bathroom make-over. I helped him strip some of the wallpaper, and then we hit a standstill. So, I got a contractor to come and texture the walls over the wallpaper- it worked great because the wallpaper was stuck on it so well. The contractor put up some more of the molding above the wainscoting that we tore up when removing the wallpaper. He also took down an old medicine cabinet and repaired some of the sheetrock in the tub area. This is a Hollywoood bath- two separate rooms that each have a commode and sink, and then an additional area with only a tub/shower combination. So here is my plan:
1. Spray paint the light fixtures and a mirror frame a hammered silver.
2. Use Paso to clean all the beaded board paneling.
3. Use oil base primer on the beaded board.
4. Paint the beaded board oil-based white paint with an eggshell finish.
4. Prime the sheetrock above the beaded board.
5. Paint the sheetrock a golden color.
6. Paint the cabinets hanging on the walls the same white color.
7. Paso the cabinets that holds the sinks.
8. Use a darker stain gel on those cabinets.
9. Varnish those cabinets.
10. Hang the mirrors.
11. Hang some kind of artwork or maybe even cover a canvas with some fabric and hang that.
12. New shower curtain and probably some new towels.-he might have to pay for these.
13. I forgot to mention I will have to paint the baseboards too.

So, what do you think? Pretty good gift, huh? It is going to take me at least all this week, and maybe some of next week to get it done. I am excited to see how it is going to turn out. And of course I will have to post some photos later. Right now the beaded board is a really ugly stain.
I think I spent more on him and of course my labor is free. I would say this is a great gift. Now if someone will give me the gift of redoing my flowerbeds. Maybe I can get some help on that.