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Thursday, January 30, 2014

Tuesday, Wednesday, and Being Accountable

Tuesday totals
Calories-1439-208 Exercise=1231
Net Carbs 53
Fats- 48
Protein- 112

Wednesday totals
Calories- 1548
Net Carbs- 120

     Looking at the past two days shows that I did go over my calories for the day.  But it also shows how just a small amount of exercise can keep you in your goal range.  I just completely ran out of time yesterday to get my walk in.  Which also makes me continue to realize I MUST DO THIS EARLY IN THE DAY!!!!   I mean this is important to me... so why do I put it at the bottom of my priorities for the day??? I would have to say it is just not being in the habit of doing it early.  That is one of the things I am going to have to work on.  I did keep my fat grams low on Wednesday even though I went over on my calories.... but my protein was low.  I kept my carbs very low on Tuesday and went a little over with my fats, but did good on my protein.  I can say with certainty that I am completely inconsistent.
   Let me say what I did on Tuesday for lunch.  I took my own advice and typed in what I planned to have for lunch prior to having it.  I have a calendar card from Chick-filet, and my free chicken tortilla soup was about to expire on the end of this month.  When I typed it in, it was around 270 calories.  The fat grams and carbs were low too.  When I ordered my soup at the drivethru, I noticed that it said on the marquis it was 200 calories.  When I got my soup it came with these little fritos, and after reading the bag, I saw where they were an additional 70 calories.  So, I made a major milestone for me!!! I did not eat the little fritos.  That being all said, let me say also the soup was delicious and very filling!!!
    I do not know if anyone is reading this blog or not... but I am writing it to be accountable.  It is keeping me focused.  I see that any healthy eating is about planning... so I better get to planning my menus for this weekend!

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

A Real Eye-opener

Calories- 1862 !!!!
Exercise-158 bringing calories to 1704
Net Carb 117
Fat 91  !!!!

   Looking at my daily food intake looks like I gorged all day, but that was not the case.  I had 299 calories for breakfast, and 256 calories for lunch.  That is not even half of my daily allowance.  But here is where I went wrong.... I had a very small snack.. and when I say small, it was really not a lot of food- one wasa cracker, 5 buttercrisp crackers and 2 laughing cow cheese.  That little snack added up to 180 calories.  I could have left off those buttercrisp and had another wasa.  I could have had an apple.  All of this to say those few calories don't sound like much, but they all add up.  Now here is the biggy.... I had all these calories saved for dinner- this was before my snack was logged in and I knew I had spent 180 calories.  And I did not go to dinner with the intention of  pigging out.   But I went to a Mexican food restaurant and was with friends.  Laughing and talking and eating chips and then thinking I was not ordering an item really high in calories (nachos al carbon).. This is what everyone else was ordering.  I did log in on the high side of calories for dinner.. it could have been less or it could have been more... but it came to 1, 128!!!  Yes, I am serious.... you can eat over 1000 calories without even realizing that it is that high.  It was a 1/2 plate and did not seem like that much. What an eye-opener for me!!
   So here is what I will do next time before I go out to eat.  I am going to type in some Mexican foods to compare the calorie/fat amount.  When I see what would be the best choice, I will plan to order that and actually do it!!  I can see how keeping this log everyday is enlightening me on so many false ideas I have about my food choices.  And my fat intake.... 91 for the day which was double my quota.  I will have to look back to see how many were in that one meal, but I can tell you it was probably over 50! I am so glad I did go for that walk because it canceled out about 158 calories.
   But today is a new day- I am not talking negative to myself, I am not beating myself up about yesterday, I will make good choices today, and I will press on toward my goal!!

Monday, January 27, 2014


Net Carbs- 100

   Today is the first day I have actually stayed within my fat gram range.  I had one left!!  I almost made it to my protein goal, and I stayed within my carb goal.  I had over 20 g of fiber.  I still need to increase that.  I neglected my water yesterday.  I could not drink it early in the morning because of church, but I could have had it in the afternoon.  So, I continue to see where I need to give more attention.
   Recently I have spoken to so many of my friends with elderly mothers.  Of course they are elderly, since I am a senior citizen.  Oh my gosh... I still can't believe that... when do you feel like you are a senior citizen?  So many of our mothers are now in their 80s, and they are having many health issues.  I know that is to be expected because the average lifespan of a female in this country is 85.  But what can be done to live a life that is healthy up until that time?   My main thought is to not be sedentery.. and also to not be obese!!  Of course not smoking is just understood.  And I could go further to say cut back on sugar so you don't become a diabetic.  I realize that there is no way to prevent getting older, but how we fair in our old age can be changed by our choices.  And I feel the biggest battle of all of this is in the mind!!  If  I can continue to look toward the goal and not right in front of me of what I want to do in the short range, I can succeed... but I will tell you... it is definitely a life of discipline... I am not giving up.. I am going forward!!

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Sunday-The Beginning of a New Week

Exercise- 160 calories burned making it 1232 calories
Carbs- 68
Net Carbs-48

Looking at this you can see I stayed within my calorie range, stayed within my carb goal, went over on my fats, and almost made my protein goal.  I made some notes on my fitness pal of what I can see I need to do:  Increase my protein, lower my fats and carbs, increase my fiber, and stay focused on drinking that water.  
    But are you ready for the big news?  Yes, I have lost weight.  I have lost 6 lbs. this week!!!  And I would have to say that was with very little exercise.  I think I walked 3 times this week.... remember my pulled back and vertigo.  So from now on I will post on Sundays what my weight loss  (or gain) was for the previous week, and it will look like this -6 lbs.  or +1lb. or stayed the same.
   Keeping this diary has most definitely stopped me from mindless eating.  If it is going in my mouth be it food or drink I am knowing that I am going to have to write it down.  Yesterday I had something that would not be considered a food on a diet.  My husband sorta chided me about it.  I told him that I had to be able to allow some things or I would totally quit.. remember I am trying to make this a lifestyle.  It is not going to end on December 31.  I want to always consider what I am eating and then I can make that choice.  It was at the end of the day, and I knew how many calories it would be, and if I could stay within my range my having it.  I am so into reading labels these days so I can make good choices.  
   Now my goals for the week- eat more protein, fiber; eat less carbs and fat; drink more water; and get that exercise in!!

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Trim Healthy Mama

Calories- 1349
Net Carbs- 136

   Yesterday was an an okay day.  I stayed within my calories, but my carbs are still too high even with having 31 g of fiber which is a great plus!!  The recommended amount of daily fiber is 35g or close to that.  But late in the evening I am just wanting something sweet.  And I am not even a huge sweet eater.  The reason I am not a huge sweet eater is I do not keep it here in the house.  Because I am an addict when it comes to pie, cake, cookies, or candy bars.  I cannot stop at one!!! I have friends that can have a bowl of Hershey kisses in a pretty bowl on the coffee table...not me!!  They would be gone in no time.. by me and my husband... we have the same problem.
   That all being said leads me to the subject of today.. Trim Healthy Mama.. or to be known as THM. This is a program that two sisters have studied and researched and worked on for several years.  The program is presented in a 600+ page book.  Serene Allison and Pearl Barrett are not nutritionists or scientists or doctors.  They have gone through all kinds of diets that are out there.  One of them was even a vegan at one time.  And from all of their own experiences, lay studies, and trial and error, they have come up with this plan.  This is not a diet, but a different way of eating.  I will only tell you a few concepts because you need to buy the book.  You can have fat and carbs, but they are limited in the kind of meal you choose.  If you have a fat meal it is a satisfying meal known as an "S" meal.  If you choose to have less fat and more carbs, it is called an energizing meal known as an "E" meal.  For me there is a lot to learn, so I do not have it down yet.  But there are many women not only in this country but all over the world that are doing this program and losing lots of weight.  There are several right here in my hometown that are doing it, and yes, they are having great success.
   I say all this about THM because they have some delicious desserts that can be eaten.  So... I am going to have to get those ingrained in my memory so I can go whip one up when I have those evening sweet cravings.  I looked the book up on Amazon, and I saw that you can purchase the book for $35.  I paid over $50 for mine.  Go check it out!!

Friday, January 24, 2014

Get Back on the Saddle

Calories 1626
Net Carbs-90

   Some days you just get off track, and you fall off the wagon, or horse... and you just have to get back on that saddle.  For me that is what happened yesterday.  I started out really good, and there were lots of positives in my day.  I drank all my water yesterday.  Since I was going to be home all day this made it fairly easy.  I had almost 39 g of fiber yesterday.  I only had 90 net carbs.  Now the bad part.. I went over my calories by 226;  I went over my fat just about double!!  And due to me still not feeling up to par, the weather being bad, and me being busy with quilting projects I did not get in any exercise.  My big eating problem occurred after dinner when I proceeded to have late night snacks.  Well, I ate too much of it, and I ate the wrong thing.  The only thing sweet in my house would have been some fruit.  Now that is what I should have had.  But instead I opened the pantry and took out a package of sweetened coconut and ate bite after bite after bite!!!  I had to chew and chew and chew on it which was good or no telling how much I would have eaten.
    What I learned... reach for the fruit if you want something sweet or get busy doing something else or say my goals to myself!!  If I have many nights like last night I will not reach my PUSH goal.  But here I am today tracking my food and keeping up with this blog.... so I am definitely back in the saddle!!

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Pills, Walkers, Oxygen, Wheelchairs and Golden Corral

Calorie- 1397
Net Carbs-77
Exercise- burned  238 Calories

    So I had a discussion with a friend today about medicare, social security, insurance policies, etc.  Both of our husbands will be turning 65 this year so this is how we had this discussion.  We also talked about ourselves and OUR insurance because neither of us will be 65 for a few more years.
   Now this is in no way meant to be offensive to anyone who takes a lot of medication or is on oxygen, or needs a walker, or is in a wheelchair.  And so I do not need a bunch of comments about reasons or excuses or bad talk about this.  We cannot prevent many ills and diseases and infirmities coming into our lives.  HOWEVER... we can alter our lifestyles to keep some of these at bay.. How?  With watching our diet, moving more, and losing weight.   You all know I have these exact struggles. I know what is right and true, and I just don't always do it.. why else would I be writing about all of this and the small successes and failures that I have concerning this topic.  My friend had gone to a medicare meeting at Golden Corral, and she mentioned how bad the majority of the people looked and that most of them had one of the above that I mentioned.  I told her that I got to see the same thing when I went to the Heart Institute with my mother.. again.. I know that all problems are not caused by lifestyle choices, so don't be offended.  AND... I do know that aging is going to bring many of these on no matter what choices you make.. But we both agreed that going to Golden Corral or the Heart Institute was a good "negative" motivator to have you live differently.
    Now here is the funny part... her husband who is a runner and very lean told her that he would go to the meeting but he did not want to eat at GC... I had to laugh because someone  I know has been begging me to go with them to GC.  I have said I will not go because I know me.. I will see all those different entrees and desserts, and totally be helpless to resist!!  Maybe later I can get to the point where I could go and only have a healthy portion... but not today!!

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

It's Up to You

When it comes to health, fitness, diet, etc.  it is up to YOU! I have realized that I am a very good encourager for other people.  I can compliment them, provide information, and be their cheerleader... but when it comes to me... I am a discourager.. so I am changing that..  I am saying to myself what I would say to others.
     You cannot blame anyone else for your lack of or failure or inadequacies, etc.  You also cannot make someone else get on board with you either.. it is not up to you!  That is up to that individual.  I feel the biggest battle of most things begins in your mind... remember the negative talk you give yourself.. or you may even give yourself positive false talk, " oh you don't look so bad. " Or.. "after all, you are not young anymore, you can be overweight."  Whatever... I have said them all to myself at some time... and I still do!!  I am gonna say don't talk negative and don't necessarily call your talk positive... unless you can call your talk truthful talk.  You can turn any negative statement into a positive truthful talk.   Here are some of the words I have come up with:
1.  I inherited this body type from my father...INSTEAD since I have a tendency to put weight on in my middle I am going to work on limiting my carbs, or fat, or whatever to improve my body.
2.  You are always gonna be fat... INSTEAD.. you are improving yourself everyday with your healthy diet and extra physical activity.
3.  Everyone else looks better than you... INSTEAD... I am looking better than I did 3 months ago.
4.  I can't do that cardio or pushups or whatever... INSTEAD.. I am going to do what I can today and tomorrow shoot to do more.. walk a little faster or walk a little longer or do one more pushup or jumping jack or squat or lunge or whatever.
   You get the gist of what I am saying... In a nutshell.. don't compare yourself to others.. Do what YOU can do.  Don't be the food police with others... that is up to them to change, not YOU!!
Make your goals and move forward doing the best YOU can one can be a better you than YOU!

Five Seconds of Pleasure

Calories- 1367

So I was thinking about the brownie I had the other night at the meeting I attended.  I looked at all the terrible yet absolutely delicious and addicting food- chocolate covered pretzels, chocolate bars, chocolate brownies with caramel sauce, cake, chips and dips... oh gosh... and I resisted for a good while and then the temptation overcame me, and I got a half of a brownie.  Later I thought to myself was the 100 calories of loaded carbs and fat really worth five seconds of pleasure???  I have to keep reminding myself that if I want to reach my PUSH goal there will be sacrifices and times of being tempted and times of being uncomfortable.  So yesterday I had another meeting... again there was various cakes, cookies, chip, dip, nuts, and fruit.  So I walked over there and got about 3 strawberries.  Yea!!  They were absolutely delicious, and I ate them slowly.  That is a major accomplishment for me that I resisted that temptation, and I also did not think , " oh I will just do it today and not tomorrow."
     Listen.... this is not going to be easy!!  I am going to war with my brain and my body!!  But I am determined to beat myself into submission!!
    Yesterday faired well for me although I ran out of time before I could walk in the morning, and then in the afternoon there were too many things to do.  I see now that I MUST get up earlier to start my day.  The same thing has happened today.  Unless I can hurry and get to the mall to walk I will miss it today.  I think 28 degrees outside is just too cold for me.  I also have not been able to do my strength training due to my pulled back.  I know I will be at it as soon as I can twist my body and squat without coming to my knees.
      I stayed in my boundary for my calories, carbs and protein, and I just barely went over (3g) with my fat intake.   I am just thrilled that I am making myself keep this food diary.  I think this will be the success of my weight loss... keeping that food diary.  I am so reluctant to have a bite of this or that because I will have to write it down.  I could go by that cashew can and grab a bunch without a thought... so writing it down keeps me from doing that.
   I welcome anyone reading this to get on board, and we can be an encouragement to one another.  Set your goals and make a plan.  My plan is personalized to me... make your plan YOUR plan.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Eating Mindfully

Calories- 1403
Exercise- 160 burned (walking 3.5 mph for 32 min)

   So I really did have plenty to eat yesterday.  One of the things this diary is helping me on is eating "mindfully".   I don't know if any of you have this problem, but I will grab a chip or a cracker and just pop it in my mouth without even thinking about it.  And you know that joke, " the calories don't count if you did not put the food on a plate."?  Well... of course I don't believe that, but I ACT like I do!!  Like yesterday when I went to Sam's..... And the venders were there giving samples.   You could quickly eat 300 calories by visiting each station.  I stayed away from them.  And I had a meeting last night,  and there were so many delicious snack desserts that people brought.  I stayed away!!  And then temptation won, and I had one small brownie.  The best brownie in the whole wide world!! But how long did that pleasure last?  Grrr.... I should have said in my head my PUSH goal over and over and I probably could have abstained.  Well, I won't beat myself up too much.  But I will learn from it!
     And yesterday I did manage to go walking for 32 minutes and get in around 2 miles.  My Nike sensor is wrong so it shows I walk faster and get more mileage than I really do.  I have repeatedly try to get it accurate, but it is either showing me walking at 15.22 mph or 22.15 mph (something like that), so I just gave up.  I know my pace is around 17 mph.  And I was more interested in time than mileage.  So that cancelled out 160 calories.  I could have had 1560 yesterday.  I so hope I can continue this blogging because it makes me so acountable.  I plan to keep going forward!!

Monday, January 20, 2014

My First Day of Committment

So yesterday was my first day of committment.  Rather than write everything that I did, I will just list what I have decided to do about the dietary breakdown.  So here is my goal for each day:
Calories- 1400
Carbohydrates-122g     35%
Fats- 52g                       25%
Protein- 140g                40%

So here is how I faired-
Carbs- 111    34%
Fats-  52       36%
Protein-99     30%

So it is obvious I had too many fats.  I am glad I came close on my carbs, and just need to eat more protein.  I am not following   recommendations, but put it my own for my percentage of each of these nutrients.  My plan for the future with this blog is to just list my totals for each day, and not my goals.

Now exercise-  the past few days my back has bothered me ( I am down in it every so often).  It continued to get worse and worse, and yesterday I could barely walk to the refrigerator!  So no exercise at all yesterday.   But today I am much better.  I walked 30 minutes before breakfast.  I plan to do more today if I am able.  I also am suffering from vertigo...not bad, but it is still there.   Gosh... turning sixty is not sounding good.

I did okay on my water, but not great.  So, that will be something I work harder on today.  I am reviewing my goals and speaking positively to myself.  I am focusing on getting my PUSH goal accomplished!

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Committing in 2014

Gosh, I see it has almost been a year since I last posted on this blog.  I am doing a 30 day Challenge with Chalene Johnson.  It is about determining our push goal, and then adding other goals to advance our push goal.. which is our main goal.   More on that later.
   What I wanted to say today is that on Day 20 of this challenge we were going to commit to something that we find uncomfortable, or hard to do.  What I chose was this, " to blog everyday".  Now that is going to be a big challenge for me because with all the other things I like to do on the computer, blogging is not a thought for me.  I am doing this as a means to keep myself accountable on my fitness.  I decided to blog about my ideas, goals, struggles, setbacks, accomplishments, and anything else regarding my fitness journey.  My biggest challenge with my exercise is staying consistent... I would be termed more as sporadic.  I do it for 4 days and then life interrupts me and I skip for 3 weeks.  It is hard for me to get back on the bandwagon.  But 2014 is a big year for me.  You see.. I will turn the big 6-0!!   So before I list my push goal, I am going to list some of my other goals.
1.  Drink more water- drink 1/2 my body weight in ounces..(no, I am not going to tell you that number)
2.  Follow the diet of Trim Healthy Mama.  More on that later.
3.  Walk or do some sort of cardio 5 days a week.
4.  Strength training 3 days a week.
5.  No sodas, not even diet!!  (this is gonna be hard!)
6.  Get to bed before 10:30 so I can get more sleep.
7.  Keep my food diary so I will know what all I am eating in regard to fats, protein, and carbs, as well as quantity.
8  Speak positive thoughts to myself instead of that negative voice that I keep saying to myself.
9  Do not say to myself, "oh.. I will not worry about that today, I will do that tomorrow."

Which brings me to my push goal.  Originally my push goal was to exercise 30 minutes a day.  But now my push goal is going to be more specific, have an actual time table to it, and all my other goals will help me accomplish my push goal... PUSH GOAL-  lose 35 pounds by December 31, 2014.
Okay.. there I said it.... there is my commitment.. I am committing to have this blog keep me accountable.  I must blog every day which will keep all of these at the front of my mind. goes,  I am diving in!!