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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Eating Mindfully

Calories- 1403
Exercise- 160 burned (walking 3.5 mph for 32 min)

   So I really did have plenty to eat yesterday.  One of the things this diary is helping me on is eating "mindfully".   I don't know if any of you have this problem, but I will grab a chip or a cracker and just pop it in my mouth without even thinking about it.  And you know that joke, " the calories don't count if you did not put the food on a plate."?  Well... of course I don't believe that, but I ACT like I do!!  Like yesterday when I went to Sam's..... And the venders were there giving samples.   You could quickly eat 300 calories by visiting each station.  I stayed away from them.  And I had a meeting last night,  and there were so many delicious snack desserts that people brought.  I stayed away!!  And then temptation won, and I had one small brownie.  The best brownie in the whole wide world!! But how long did that pleasure last?  Grrr.... I should have said in my head my PUSH goal over and over and I probably could have abstained.  Well, I won't beat myself up too much.  But I will learn from it!
     And yesterday I did manage to go walking for 32 minutes and get in around 2 miles.  My Nike sensor is wrong so it shows I walk faster and get more mileage than I really do.  I have repeatedly try to get it accurate, but it is either showing me walking at 15.22 mph or 22.15 mph (something like that), so I just gave up.  I know my pace is around 17 mph.  And I was more interested in time than mileage.  So that cancelled out 160 calories.  I could have had 1560 yesterday.  I so hope I can continue this blogging because it makes me so acountable.  I plan to keep going forward!!


Lee Ann Hoskin said...

Do you have an app on your phone that measures all that?

Dee said...

I have my app on my Ipad, but I am sure you can put it on your phone. You type in the food for your food diary and it will find it for you.. or you can create your own recipe. It will calculate all the info-calories, carbs, fats, protein, fiber, and sodium. It will record your water intake. You can put in your exercise and it will calculate how many calories you burn. It also has a place to leave notes. And if you join you can be my friend!