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Monday, January 27, 2014


Net Carbs- 100

   Today is the first day I have actually stayed within my fat gram range.  I had one left!!  I almost made it to my protein goal, and I stayed within my carb goal.  I had over 20 g of fiber.  I still need to increase that.  I neglected my water yesterday.  I could not drink it early in the morning because of church, but I could have had it in the afternoon.  So, I continue to see where I need to give more attention.
   Recently I have spoken to so many of my friends with elderly mothers.  Of course they are elderly, since I am a senior citizen.  Oh my gosh... I still can't believe that... when do you feel like you are a senior citizen?  So many of our mothers are now in their 80s, and they are having many health issues.  I know that is to be expected because the average lifespan of a female in this country is 85.  But what can be done to live a life that is healthy up until that time?   My main thought is to not be sedentery.. and also to not be obese!!  Of course not smoking is just understood.  And I could go further to say cut back on sugar so you don't become a diabetic.  I realize that there is no way to prevent getting older, but how we fair in our old age can be changed by our choices.  And I feel the biggest battle of all of this is in the mind!!  If  I can continue to look toward the goal and not right in front of me of what I want to do in the short range, I can succeed... but I will tell you... it is definitely a life of discipline... I am not giving up.. I am going forward!!

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