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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Five Seconds of Pleasure

Calories- 1367

So I was thinking about the brownie I had the other night at the meeting I attended.  I looked at all the terrible yet absolutely delicious and addicting food- chocolate covered pretzels, chocolate bars, chocolate brownies with caramel sauce, cake, chips and dips... oh gosh... and I resisted for a good while and then the temptation overcame me, and I got a half of a brownie.  Later I thought to myself was the 100 calories of loaded carbs and fat really worth five seconds of pleasure???  I have to keep reminding myself that if I want to reach my PUSH goal there will be sacrifices and times of being tempted and times of being uncomfortable.  So yesterday I had another meeting... again there was various cakes, cookies, chip, dip, nuts, and fruit.  So I walked over there and got about 3 strawberries.  Yea!!  They were absolutely delicious, and I ate them slowly.  That is a major accomplishment for me that I resisted that temptation, and I also did not think , " oh I will just do it today and not tomorrow."
     Listen.... this is not going to be easy!!  I am going to war with my brain and my body!!  But I am determined to beat myself into submission!!
    Yesterday faired well for me although I ran out of time before I could walk in the morning, and then in the afternoon there were too many things to do.  I see now that I MUST get up earlier to start my day.  The same thing has happened today.  Unless I can hurry and get to the mall to walk I will miss it today.  I think 28 degrees outside is just too cold for me.  I also have not been able to do my strength training due to my pulled back.  I know I will be at it as soon as I can twist my body and squat without coming to my knees.
      I stayed in my boundary for my calories, carbs and protein, and I just barely went over (3g) with my fat intake.   I am just thrilled that I am making myself keep this food diary.  I think this will be the success of my weight loss... keeping that food diary.  I am so reluctant to have a bite of this or that because I will have to write it down.  I could go by that cashew can and grab a bunch without a thought... so writing it down keeps me from doing that.
   I welcome anyone reading this to get on board, and we can be an encouragement to one another.  Set your goals and make a plan.  My plan is personalized to me... make your plan YOUR plan.

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