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Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas 2011

Whew!! Christmas decorating, Christmas shopping, Christmas music, Christmas wrapping, Christmas cooking, Christmas eating!!!! Sometimes I feel so bogged down in all the preparations for Christmas I feel overburdened and not celebrating what Christmas really is.. Yes, I love to give gifts (if I know what will make someone happy, not just giving something that is unwanted). I love receiving gifts that I know someone gives with love and care (not just fulfilling their duty). I love to decorate ( if my efforts are appreciated) and love being reminded of previous Christmases when seeing the ornaments. I love Christmas music. Wrapping is not that much fun. I love trying new recipes. And of course I love to eat!! But this is Christmas!! This is the time when God sent His only begotten Son to be born in simplicity- no fanfare.. no luxury, nothing to the world that looked spectacular. But this Baby was God's Son.. who left Heaven to be confined in a human body. He was born to die so He could take away our sins. How miraculous is that??? That God loved us that much!! Oh please dear Heavenly Father- renew in my heart what Christmas is all about- and if I have to give up all of the above to do it, then I give it all up!! You are my Gift!! May I be reminded everyday that I owe it all to You Lord!! Thank you Lord that I am here on this earth another Christmas Day to celebrate your birth!!