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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

My Last T shirt Quilt

So I finally finished my last T-shirt quilt. This was for #1 son.  I had already finished younger son's and older daughter's T-shirt quilt.  I kept asking my son for his T-shirts and his response was, " I am still wearing them!"  I had to tell him if he wanted them in the quilt, he was going to have to give them up.  He played baseball in high school and also in college his freshman year.  I also included a few T-shirts on the back from his childhood.  I loved this pattern using jelly rolls and honey buns.  I used stabalizer to keep the T-shirts from stretching. 

Monday, April 16, 2012

I'm a Grandmother Again!

Yes!!  I am a grandmother again!  This time I have a grandson.  He was born on April 2, and weighed in at 9 lbs. 9 oz.  My daughter already had a C-section planned... so, he actually came about 5 days early.  And if she had not had the scheduled C-section, she would have probably needed one anyway.   I got to be there when he was born (not in the room), stayed almost a week, and now they are here visiting at my house.  He is such a doll, and his sister treats him like he has always been there!  Baby boys just seem to be so sweet!  I wonder when it is all said and done how many grandkids I will have.  I am so blessed!

Sunday, March 25, 2012


AOL... yes, I have "Away on Leave" for about 3 months from blogging.  How does one have time to do it all?  I don't even have a regular job, and I don't have time to read blogs, Facebook, my email, Pinterest, and that is just being on the computer... I have to exercise, cook meals, clean house... and that is just daily stuff... you get my point.  I have soooooooo many hobbies and so many projects- quilting, sewing, reading, and seeing friends.... and that is just things I enjoy doing.  Then there are all those things I don't really like to do- yardwork, paperwork, tax work, balancing checkbooks, grocery shopping.. but they have to be done.  So here I am and alot has been happening.  I am about to welcome my second grandchild who is scheduled to be born April 2.  My mother is going to have knee surgery in May.  I am going on a trip to Montana in May.  My son is getting married in August.  My niece is getting married in October.  My 40 year class reunion is in October, and I am one of the organizers! I hope to be more of a regular in the blogging world.  I just don't know if anyone is going to be interested in what is going on with me.  I began this blog about four years ago when I wanted to inspire others to get up off their booties and move!!  I have certainly backslidden with my exercise. I previously had been a regular with P90X.  I also had worked very hard for several months training for a triathlon.  DANG- I was fit.. now... grrr.. my fitness program is very lacking!  Instead of motivating others, I am needing it myself!!  So, let me give you all some motivation.. if you are currently active in your fitness program, don't stop!!  Not only is it hard to get going physically again, but also mentally.  Keep on keeping on!!  Also as Tosca Reno of the Eat Clean Cookbooks says, " weight loss is 10% exercise, 10% genetics, and 80% diet!!"  That's right!  What I believe is you want to lost weight- work on your diet.  You want to be fit- work on your exercise! You need both!!  So I have accepted a challenge from one of my friends- for three days beginning on Tuesday, we will eat ONLY fruits and vegetables.  They can be raw or cooked.  But this means ONLY fruits and vegetables (meaning no meat, no beans, no starches, no nuts, no eggs) All of those I just mentioned are good natural foods, but for three days they will be excluded.  The other stuff.. the bad stuff, it is just a given you will not have those foods.  Do I need to mention those?  sugar which means sodas, cookies, cakes; transfats which means margarine, other baked goods, chips, crackers; dairy which means milk, cheese, yogurt(not a bad food), ice cream.  So how about it??? Ya want to join us?? Check back with me and I will let you know about my progress.