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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Blogging Ideas

You know sometimes I just run out of blogging ideas. Especially when my life is pretty ho-hum..nothing extraordinary.... not exciting.. actually pretty boring. However, I like boring. My former boss, a dentist, when he looked at a patient's teeth and nothing was going on that needed treatment would say, "You're boring," and he finished examining them. So, I like boring. But today I went on a 5 mile walk.. yes.. 5 miles.. I did the same thing yesterday. And while I was on my walk which lasted longer than an hour, I had lots of thinking time. I wish I had had a pen and paper or recorder because I had lots of ideas for my blog. I guess it is going to be one of those things though where you know when you forget something you went after in the bedroom, and you had walked back in the kitchen, and you were thinking... what did I want in the bedroom, and you have to go back in the kitchen to remember.. well, I guess when I go down that country road again I will remember some of my blogging ideas. I did remember one, and I will post it with a separate title.

Monday, August 23, 2010

TK Sisters- 35+ Years Later

So my company came this weekend. Since I recently connected with these gals a year ago last June and October for the first time, we have gotten together several times. "C" lives in Austin, and I stayed with her back in May when I attended a wedding of a friend's daughter. (Did I mention that my dh does not like to go to weddings. I have to tell him when he simply HAS to go to one.) Well, C came to my hometown because she has an aunt that is a nursing home and so we were able to make it a get-together weekend when she came to visit her aunt and uncle. And my friend "S" lives about an hour's drive away, so we called her and she came too. These two gals are so much fun. They continually make me laugh, and I thank God so much that he brought them into my life 35+ years ago. Our weekend started with us having lunch at the local tearoom. They loved the food.. especially the desserts. We then went to our hunting camp for our tour to see what they thought about our larger TK group staying there maybe in January. The next day C downloaded some of my old photos for FB. We loaded up after having breakfast and headed to Palestine which is near my S's lakehouse. We finally made it to the lake where we could get a little sun and enjoy the water since the Texas temperatures are still soaring into the 100s. My friend S cooked us a great dinner of ham, macaroni and cheese, and the absolute best potato salad I have ever had! And she easily whipped up a coconut pie and a custard pie. The next day we went to her mom's house for lunch. Now I know where she gets her cooking ability from. I felt like it was Thanksgiving lunch with the spread we had. All of S's family there- mother, brother, sister-in-law, nieces, nephew, their spouses and children. What a wonderful bunch of people. And the food- omg... hamburgers, macaroni and cheese, fried okra, squash, peas, cornbread, French fries, cantaloupe and then there were about 3 desserts that I passed up. I got home later that day and my dsons cooked dinner for their dad on his birthday.. can you believe it has been a whole year since we had his 60th birthday party? Time slow down. And my granddaughter turned 18 months old on Friday. So I am leaving you with a few photos. One of the photos has my friends C, S, and another friend M along with me in 1973 and again the three of us last Friday. There is one of us at Galveston in 1973, and the latest of my little granddaughter. Needless to say... I am tired... I stayed up too late, and of course how could I help it??? I ate too much!!!

Friday, August 20, 2010

Company Coming

Well when I mentioned not liking yardwork, I forgot to also mention what I dislike most.. fire ants and poison ivy and SNAKES!!!! So yesterday when I was pulling the weeds I only was plaqued by one. I did pull some poison ivy up. I did not get bit by any ants, and I saw no snakes. So it turned out to be not so bad. I got out there early and got the flowerbeds cleaned out and started on pulling the weeds around the sidewalk. And after going into town to have lunch with my mother and a friend I stopped by Lowe's and got some flowers to plant. That bed looks pretty good.. not great, but decent. Maybe I can get a photo later.

So today I am changing sheets on the bed, making sure the bathrooms are clean, going over my wood floor good and cooking some lasagne for tonight. Today I am treating them to lunch at the local tearoom. We are only staying here one night and then going back to one of their houses because she lives on a lake. We enjoy getting on floats and relaxing with no one else to bother us. So tomorrow I will get up and cook breakfast- not sure what to have yet- maybe an egg casserole, maybe French toast, or maybe these delicious whole grain pancakes with some turkey bacon.

I have much more to say about some of my health issues that may be of interest to some of you that might have the same problem. I will post that when I have more time. Right now I have lots to do!!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Nike + and Yard Work

Okay, so are you familiar with Nike +(Plus)? Well, you can either wear an armband or you can attach to your ipod to register how far you run/walk? The sensor is in your shoe. I got one for my Ipod about 2 years ago, and I did like it when I was running then because it audibly told me my pace and how far I had run. But I seldom wear my Ipod. I just think that a continuous blaring of music in my ears will cause hearing damage and I certainly don't need any help with that. My paternal grandmother and my mother both had/have serious hearing loss. So a few weeks ago I bought me the armband. Now I really like it..however, you MUST remember to start it after a pause, and you must make sure your sensor is attached. I have experienced both of these problems. I thought one day when I had accidentally ended my walk that I had started a new walk- no I did not which caused me to lose 2 miles. I have a new pair of shoes that does not have the slot for the sensor to fit into. Now these are the shoes I wanted to wear, and you can do this if you have a lacelid for the sensor to fit into. I have ordered one of these. But yesterday I ran/walked on the treadmill so I just stuck the sensor in my laces. This was great, working fine. Then I looked at it and my time had not changed... ugh.. what was the matter? I looked and saw that my sensor was not on my shoe. Anyway.. I found it in my exercise/sewing room. I reattached it, but I still lost about 1/2 mile with it off. You may wonder.. well, what is the big deal? Well, the big deal is that I have entered a couple of challenges, and I would prefer to be up somewhere besides the bottom. So, I have the lacelids ordered ( a couple to spare if I lose one).

It is now almost 8:30 a.m. and I really should have been outside at daylight. I have to do some yardwork- pulling weeds in a flower bed and out of the cracks of my sidewalk. I DO NOT like yardwork. And here in this east Texas piney woods town the temperatures get up very fast. We have had triple digit temperatures for quite awhile now. And the humidity here is terrible. I don't mind sweat, but I don't like it running down my eyes and my nose. I don't like getting bit by mosquitoes. I don't like the stooping over. And soon the sun will be bearing down on me. So, I gotta get out there. I am having company this weekend, and I sure want the place to look a little nicer.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Unomes in Sugarland

Well, you have heard me talk about my unomes.. these are a group of my high school friends. We all began getting together 6 years ago when we were turning the big five-o. We started out with 15 of us. We have lost one who passed away, we have a couple that fell by the wayside, and two that keep in contact but due to other responsibilites with raisin' kids or taking care of elderly parents they are unable to presently join us. So this time we got the 10 together that have pretty much tried to be at every event. We were so happy to welcome back two that had missed two or more times. Hopefully this group is here to stay. We meet twice a year- usually January or February and then again in one of the hot months like July, August, or September. Last February we met at our camphouse- yes, can you believe that was six months ago? So this time we met at one of our members' homes in Sugarland. (those not familiar- a suburb of Houston). We always have a great time just talking, sipping on margaritas and lying in the pool when one is available. My friend had a big house with lots of bedrooms and bathrooms, and a fantastic pool with outdoor living area. One of our members who lost her husband a few years ago prepared a fantastic meal of homemade lasagne as a labor of love. We all agreed that is was absolutely the very best lasagne we had ever tasted. We had red wine, French bread, salad, and cheesecake to go along with this delicious meal. I did not know until a few days beforehand if I was going or not. It was great that my friends encouraged me to come, and I began feeling better each day closer to our departure. I am so glad that I attended. So I am leaving you with a few photos. My friend that prepared the meal also gave us the pearl bracelets and so we decided to take a photo of all our hands. Just as each hand looks so different, so do we.. and we all have our own distinct personalities with various talents and gifts.. well most of us.. I am still looking for mine. We have such a history with one another- one I have known since kindergarten even! The others I have known from when I was in 6th grade on until 9th grade. So you do the math! I am so blessed to have these women in my life!


Ahhhh.... the day has come where my dh and I can say, "ahhhh...." Well, we can breathe easy for the moment because we now have finally come to the time where we are finished with the financial burden of paying for college. Our youngest child graduated last Friday from Texas A&M. He began his college career at McLennan Community College (MCC) in Waco where he played baseball. He then transferred to Angelina College where he continued to play ball for three semesters. We were so proud of him when he was accepted into the Mays Business School at A&M. It has been a tough road for him with lots of hard work to keep his grades up especially this last summer session where he took 6 hours to finish. He is uncertain right now on his next career move as he continues to go to interviews. This ds has been gifted by God with the way he can relate to people of all ages and kinds. Most likely he will be in business where he is out selling for a company. We are so proud of this great accomplishment, but most of all we are so proud of the man he has become. We continue to pray for him as he moves out into this next phase. Congratulations dear son! We love you!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

My Two Weeks with the Granddaughter

On the way with Poppa to pick tomatoes from the garden

Getting all hot and sweaty with Grammy at the zoo.

Playing in the water hose with Poppa.

I got to have my little granddaughter for two weeks. Well, here is how this played out. My daughter is a teacher in the Dallas area. She teaches technology, and this summer she had to attend two weeks of classes at UT Tyler to prepare for a technology class she will be teaching this school year. She was to stay in a dorm. Of course her husband works too, so someone had to take care of their child. So, my dd came with dgd on Sunday. My dd left for Tyler on Monday. I had dgd all week. We actually went and stayed in a hotel in Tyler that Wednesday with dd so mother and daughter could see each other. Then dd came to our house on Friday and stayed until Sunday when she went back to Tyler. Once again the responsibilty of dgd was mine until the next Friday when I took her back to meet up with her momma again who was very anxious to see her daddy again. We had a good week, but let me tell you.... whew.. was I ever tired. One reason of course was because my thyroid had me slowed down. Another reason was.. I am 56 years old! And then lastly.. I am just not used to taking care of someone every minute. I just don't know how these grandparents that are raising their grandchildren are doing it. This just goes against nature. No wonder grandparents have a hard time doing any discipline. It is like "of course... do whatever you want.. I am too tired to argue with you." I had a great time with this little toot. I left you with a few photos.


Dang.. just when I thought I was going to get better by switching back to my Armour thyroid, I find out that they have redone the formula. Why mess with something that has worked for so many years? Well, my guess is PROFIT!! That's right, it is more profitable to put these cheaper fillers and binders that the previous way that the Armour had been manufactured. Ugh!! So many people are complaining about now having problems taking Armour. Well.. what is a person to do? Right now I am still on the Armour, and I figure I will continue on for a few months and check my TSH reading then. I am also planning now on seeing a specialist- an endocrinologist. I used to see one for probably about 20 years when I first began this journey of hypothyroidism.. Well enough about that.. am I beating a dead horse or what??? I have added to my regiment of accountability. I have not joined Nike+.. as in Nike Plus. I got a sensor in my shoe and a wrist band that records my distance, my speed, how long, how many calories I burn for each walk. I plug it into my computer, and I have a record of this. My neighbor who is the queen of walking talked me into this. Back when I first began my new life of fitness seven years ago, we were walking six and seven miles a day. She has always been an avid walker, and I have been a hit and miss walker while I was doing my weight lifting. She has told me about several of her friends on this that do challenges. So I am going to give it all I can and do well on these challenges.

However; it is sooooooooo hot right now. We walked Sunday, Monday and Wednesday. We start out anywhere between 7:00 and 8:00 p.m. The temperature is still close to 100, and the heat index is close to 110. I just came in from outside at 9:30 a.m., and the heat inside my garage and attic is horrific!! I am trying to get it straight as dh is staying on my butt about it. I want to get out and finish my painting. It seems like there is just never enough hours in the day. Or never enough energy to get it done fast. Okay, my break time is over. Back to work!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Back to Walking

I am back to walking. Yes, I am determined whether I feel bad or not.. I am going to push through. I walked about 3 miles on Sunday, and I walked 4.25 miles yesterday. The heat was horrific.. even going at 7:30. We decided that if we want to get finished by dark, we must go no later than this time. Yesterday the temperature was 102, but the heat index was 109. Afterward we drank lots and lots of water because we sweated tons! I am hoping that more physical activity will reduce the stress hormone cortisol in my body and also help relieve me of these symptoms I am having. I am planning on starting back to riding my bike soon. One day at a time.. one day at a time.

Monday, August 2, 2010

More about Meds

Well, thankfully I did get my physician to put me back on the Armour thyroid. However, he prescribed something different for my anxiety. After googling it and reading what previous patients of this drug had to say.. I had to say "FORGET IT!!" My physician, who I trust very much, did not want to put me on the Xanax because it can become addicting. He only prescribes it for patients experiencing a temporary anxious state like a death in the family. But this other medication was one that would have to build up in your body and then you would have to wean yourself off of. I wanted him to know that yes, I respect his judgment since he is my doctor, but I also take a proactive role in my health. I would rather deal with the symptoms I am having with the hypothyroidism than add new symptoms as a result of a side effect to a drug. I am just so hoping that soon my hormone levels will be back to normal and along with that I will be too! I have decided to continue on with my life despite the uncomfortable feelings I am having. I am back to walking, and doing my push-ups, sit-ups, and squats. I am soon to be back with my weight lifting. I am back charting my food intake on I like this site as well as One of my good friends is doing the MFP, so I have a buddy on this site.

Somehow on my last post, I had several photos of my granddaughter. And then they disappeared. I have no idea what I did wrong. I also want to post some photos of all the canning that I have been doing. I have canned Rotel tomatoes, whole tomatoes, salsa.. lots of salsa!!.. squash pickles, dill pickles, blackberry jam, peach jam, and a pickled vegetable medley of peppers, onions, cauliflower, and carrots.

The temperatures here in this east Texas town have been very high. I think today was probably our hottest day.. at least it felt like it walking across the Walmart parking lot. Well, I do intend to try to get back to blogging. I decided instead of giving you all a password to read my blog, I will just moderate the comments. I am still getting the Chinese writing on this.. why, I do not know.. I am not posting their comments.. why do they continue to keep doing this? Does anyone know what that means?

Right now I have my supper cooking outside in an electric roaster oven. You know the kind you put a big turkey in. I cooked dh a peach dessert out there, and I have a meatloaf cooking in it. If I cook inside the house, it just heats the house up and the air runs and runs. So.. it is either cook outside in that.. grill.. or go out to eat!!! See you tomorrow!