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Thursday, August 5, 2010


Dang.. just when I thought I was going to get better by switching back to my Armour thyroid, I find out that they have redone the formula. Why mess with something that has worked for so many years? Well, my guess is PROFIT!! That's right, it is more profitable to put these cheaper fillers and binders that the previous way that the Armour had been manufactured. Ugh!! So many people are complaining about now having problems taking Armour. Well.. what is a person to do? Right now I am still on the Armour, and I figure I will continue on for a few months and check my TSH reading then. I am also planning now on seeing a specialist- an endocrinologist. I used to see one for probably about 20 years when I first began this journey of hypothyroidism.. Well enough about that.. am I beating a dead horse or what??? I have added to my regiment of accountability. I have not joined Nike+.. as in Nike Plus. I got a sensor in my shoe and a wrist band that records my distance, my speed, how long, how many calories I burn for each walk. I plug it into my computer, and I have a record of this. My neighbor who is the queen of walking talked me into this. Back when I first began my new life of fitness seven years ago, we were walking six and seven miles a day. She has always been an avid walker, and I have been a hit and miss walker while I was doing my weight lifting. She has told me about several of her friends on this that do challenges. So I am going to give it all I can and do well on these challenges.

However; it is sooooooooo hot right now. We walked Sunday, Monday and Wednesday. We start out anywhere between 7:00 and 8:00 p.m. The temperature is still close to 100, and the heat index is close to 110. I just came in from outside at 9:30 a.m., and the heat inside my garage and attic is horrific!! I am trying to get it straight as dh is staying on my butt about it. I want to get out and finish my painting. It seems like there is just never enough hours in the day. Or never enough energy to get it done fast. Okay, my break time is over. Back to work!

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