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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Back to Walking

I am back to walking. Yes, I am determined whether I feel bad or not.. I am going to push through. I walked about 3 miles on Sunday, and I walked 4.25 miles yesterday. The heat was horrific.. even going at 7:30. We decided that if we want to get finished by dark, we must go no later than this time. Yesterday the temperature was 102, but the heat index was 109. Afterward we drank lots and lots of water because we sweated tons! I am hoping that more physical activity will reduce the stress hormone cortisol in my body and also help relieve me of these symptoms I am having. I am planning on starting back to riding my bike soon. One day at a time.. one day at a time.

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vlad said...

I'm glad you will ride your bike again. Riding a bicycle is much cooler than walking, though you may carry a squirt bottle of water to cool yourself as needed. I ride five days a week. I don't know any old people who ride bicycles. I will be only 78 in Sept. The young fellow who rides with me is 76. Age is a number and an attitude. Don't quit. If nothing else, ride five minutes, then turn and go home. It gets easier each day. Use it or lose it.