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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Unomes in Sugarland

Well, you have heard me talk about my unomes.. these are a group of my high school friends. We all began getting together 6 years ago when we were turning the big five-o. We started out with 15 of us. We have lost one who passed away, we have a couple that fell by the wayside, and two that keep in contact but due to other responsibilites with raisin' kids or taking care of elderly parents they are unable to presently join us. So this time we got the 10 together that have pretty much tried to be at every event. We were so happy to welcome back two that had missed two or more times. Hopefully this group is here to stay. We meet twice a year- usually January or February and then again in one of the hot months like July, August, or September. Last February we met at our camphouse- yes, can you believe that was six months ago? So this time we met at one of our members' homes in Sugarland. (those not familiar- a suburb of Houston). We always have a great time just talking, sipping on margaritas and lying in the pool when one is available. My friend had a big house with lots of bedrooms and bathrooms, and a fantastic pool with outdoor living area. One of our members who lost her husband a few years ago prepared a fantastic meal of homemade lasagne as a labor of love. We all agreed that is was absolutely the very best lasagne we had ever tasted. We had red wine, French bread, salad, and cheesecake to go along with this delicious meal. I did not know until a few days beforehand if I was going or not. It was great that my friends encouraged me to come, and I began feeling better each day closer to our departure. I am so glad that I attended. So I am leaving you with a few photos. My friend that prepared the meal also gave us the pearl bracelets and so we decided to take a photo of all our hands. Just as each hand looks so different, so do we.. and we all have our own distinct personalities with various talents and gifts.. well most of us.. I am still looking for mine. We have such a history with one another- one I have known since kindergarten even! The others I have known from when I was in 6th grade on until 9th grade. So you do the math! I am so blessed to have these women in my life!

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Jen said...

You know I love all the posts about your Unome friends! It makes me look so forward to these kinds of times! You are always glowing Dee. I love the bracelet picture! Such a cute idea!