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Saturday, April 9, 2011

Just Painting?

To some people who saw me with a paintbrush in my hands, you would think that all that was going on was that I was painting. However... there was much more going on. You see, I have been painting the interior of my oldest son's house along with his assistance. When you are in the same room painting there are times of silence, but there is also talking going on. Now let me say, that those who know me know that I am a BIG talker.. but my firstborn son is a man of few words... always has been. We used to quote the commercial... gosh.. I cannot even remember who it was for, but when they talk we listen... well, we could always say that about Brett... when Brett talks we listen because he was not a big talker. He did not tell you what he was thinking or how he felt about something. So today was a very enjoyable day for me. I loved spending time with my son... Brett talking, and Dee listening. I love him so much. He is such a sweet and extremely intelligent person. All of us in our family just do not understand how he is so smart because the rest of us are just average. If that sounds like I am bragging, I certainly don't mean it that way. There are some people that are blessed by God with beautiful looks, great athletic ability, and then super intelligence. I just continue each day to pray for him. That God will use this great talent he has given him to glorify God... not for his selfish gain which is the way of this world. So painting??? yes, we got lots of painting done, but so much more. Don't miss those opportunities that come your way... sometimes these days are just so much more than what they appear to be. Thank you Lord for this special day of painting that I had!