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Sunday, March 29, 2009


Anyone know what MBT is? Well, right now I really don't want to go and look it up, but I just will tell you what I do know. This is a brand of shoe that is a physiological shoe. I had planned to go to Tyler on my way back from Dallas to check out the Zcoil tennis shoes. My hairdresser who has suffered with plantar fascitis and heel spurs said they cured her. But... they are so ugly! I had remembered a friend of mine telling me about another kind of shoe. In fact, she told me to take them home and wear them to try them out. I called her while on my way to Dallas, and asked her what those shoes were called. She told me MB T. I called the local shoe store in my hometown and asked if them if they sold the MBTs. I could remember previously that they had spoken to me about these shoes, but since they are not very attractive and quite pricey, I did not pay much attention to these shoes. Well, my friend forgot to leave the shoes out for me to pick up so I just went by the local shoe store and bought the darn shoes. Yes.. they are very expensive. But I am telling you that if they cure me they will be worth a pot of gold! These shoes are marketed as getting you posturally correct. They work on your core, butt, legs. They have been said to cause people to lose weight and gain muscle. They must be worked up to wearing all day or you will be sore just like working out. Since I do workout, I knew I could wear them longer without that problem. Okay... I wore them about 5 hours on Friday and about 12 hours yesterday. My heel pain is not gone right now, but I will say that I can walk in them with very little pain. I can shop and walk and get up and down and do regular activities and I only feel slight pain. I even think that I could have gone for an actual walk yesterday. I am hoping that soon my heel spurs will be gone. But if they are not, at least I can do things without pain. When you are walking with these shoes, you feel like there is no back part of the shoe. You feel like your heel does not come down on the ground. You move more forward or something. Now I know this shoe salesman could be lying to me, but he told me that he had two customers that were supposed to have knee surgery and they have postponed it because these shoes have helped their knee pain. I will keep you updated. My next step is an orthopedic doctor specializing in feet if this does not work.

Monday, March 23, 2009

A Personal Conviction

.... I have had this big conviction about sometimes treating God a little too...... casual. I mean... yes, we are told to go boldly to the throne of God... to ask and we shall receive... to knock and the door will be opened. But.... after reading some old writings from Christians in the past, I see more how our culture treats God with less respect... does anyone know what I am talking about? After reading Oswald Chambers' "My Utmost for His Highest", I just feel like I need to be more serious.... to approach our Lord with such reverence and awe... and humbleness.. to do less complaining and be so much more thankful. I used to subscribe to this website about real whole food, and the moderator was a Messianic Jew ( a Jew who is still a Jew, but who is a Jew who believes that Jesus is the Son of God). They will not even write the word God, but instead write it as G _ d or L _ _ d. I don't think they even say His name... He is so much to be respected, and His name is above all names. Like I said, this is my conviction, not yours... but definitely something to think about. I feel like in this unsure times of job security, health problems,terrorist threats, etc... that I should know Him better and therefore be joyful in whatever may come. Whatever comes... I will praise Him. I am not there by any means... but I see in older people how so many of them... they seem to be concerned about themselves.. how they feel... what they want... and I am thinking... as we get older... shouldn't it be more about Him and less about us? Oh.. I am so praying that He will change me... to be less of me and more of Him. And I have to confess I am just so self-absorbed. I have a long journey... but what is the saying... a journey begins with the first step.... Hey... I am stepping out. Come join me. I have been encouraged by others that I may be on to something. Speaking with a friend the other day... she was feeling the same way. Like I said... this is my conviction... not yours... but I don't know if I am going to be here a long time... in which case I will need Him so much as I grow older and become feeble... or if I am taken out soon... and I want to know that He is pleased with me... so I better get busy.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Runny nose

I thought I would show you my new way to cope with a runny nose and do dental hygiene. This was taken a couple of months ago and my work associate forwarded it to me. Now mind you, I did not have a cold. I was not contagious... I only had it a couple of days; therefore, most likely it was a response to some allergy. But my nose kept running, and I had patients I needed to see. I could not have this drip and continually wipe or blow my nose. I got some cotton rolls and stuck them in my nose. Then I put my mask on. No runny nose... no stopping to blow my nose... no rawness beneath my nose... and no one knew what was under that mask!!! The cotton rolls absorbed my "fluid" and my work was not affected. Now I suppose that any of my patients reading this blog will now always wonder.... what lurks beneath that masked woman?

Monday, March 16, 2009

Four generations

Here is a photo taken this weekend of the four generations of Elizabeths. Each of us has the name Elizabeth although none of us use it. I have been too busy grandmothering to post about my exercise. I am still not up to par with my foot, but with all the herbs and orthotics I am using, I think I am getting better. I am going to wait longer before I see someone about surgery. I have lost in stamina with doing very little cardio. I need to get going again on this. I have not quit on my FF class, but today I did take the day off from it because I did not get good sleep over the weekend. I hope to get settled with my business and my health, and then I can again regularly post on this blog. I will add more photos later... this was a practice run to see if I was doing it right to take it off of one place and post to this blog.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Stressed and Too Busy

Exercise is not foremost on my list these days with all the stress I am enduring. Hurricane Ike really did its number on me. I did finally get my rental property here at home taken of, and I hope to rent it soon. My family's beach condo is another matter.... the entire condo has been gutted due to moisture in the walls, and now I must remove all the furniture, and.....I have been tacked with a big assessment fee.... I wish that I had all of this business taken care of so that I could once again travel to Dallas to see my new granddaughter. To say that I am stressed over this is putting it mildly. But I do have so much to be thankful for, and I try to concentrate on all my blessings when I feel the pressure of my responsibilities. I witnessed the testimony yesterday of a woman whose husband has been diagnosed with brain cancer.. they must travel each day to Houston for radiation, and he takes chemo at night. Yet this dear woman expressed her faith in God and how all things work for God's glory. She does not know the future for her husband, her children, or herself, yet she knows that God knows the future and He keeps her this day. I must keep her in mind when I want to complain about my problems. Hmm... I feel better already just thinking about her and her testimony. What about you? Are you overburdened, feeling sad, having a pity party? Start counting your blessings and ask Him to keep you this day!