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Thursday, March 5, 2009

Stressed and Too Busy

Exercise is not foremost on my list these days with all the stress I am enduring. Hurricane Ike really did its number on me. I did finally get my rental property here at home taken of, and I hope to rent it soon. My family's beach condo is another matter.... the entire condo has been gutted due to moisture in the walls, and now I must remove all the furniture, and.....I have been tacked with a big assessment fee.... I wish that I had all of this business taken care of so that I could once again travel to Dallas to see my new granddaughter. To say that I am stressed over this is putting it mildly. But I do have so much to be thankful for, and I try to concentrate on all my blessings when I feel the pressure of my responsibilities. I witnessed the testimony yesterday of a woman whose husband has been diagnosed with brain cancer.. they must travel each day to Houston for radiation, and he takes chemo at night. Yet this dear woman expressed her faith in God and how all things work for God's glory. She does not know the future for her husband, her children, or herself, yet she knows that God knows the future and He keeps her this day. I must keep her in mind when I want to complain about my problems. Hmm... I feel better already just thinking about her and her testimony. What about you? Are you overburdened, feeling sad, having a pity party? Start counting your blessings and ask Him to keep you this day!

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