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Sunday, March 29, 2009


Anyone know what MBT is? Well, right now I really don't want to go and look it up, but I just will tell you what I do know. This is a brand of shoe that is a physiological shoe. I had planned to go to Tyler on my way back from Dallas to check out the Zcoil tennis shoes. My hairdresser who has suffered with plantar fascitis and heel spurs said they cured her. But... they are so ugly! I had remembered a friend of mine telling me about another kind of shoe. In fact, she told me to take them home and wear them to try them out. I called her while on my way to Dallas, and asked her what those shoes were called. She told me MB T. I called the local shoe store in my hometown and asked if them if they sold the MBTs. I could remember previously that they had spoken to me about these shoes, but since they are not very attractive and quite pricey, I did not pay much attention to these shoes. Well, my friend forgot to leave the shoes out for me to pick up so I just went by the local shoe store and bought the darn shoes. Yes.. they are very expensive. But I am telling you that if they cure me they will be worth a pot of gold! These shoes are marketed as getting you posturally correct. They work on your core, butt, legs. They have been said to cause people to lose weight and gain muscle. They must be worked up to wearing all day or you will be sore just like working out. Since I do workout, I knew I could wear them longer without that problem. Okay... I wore them about 5 hours on Friday and about 12 hours yesterday. My heel pain is not gone right now, but I will say that I can walk in them with very little pain. I can shop and walk and get up and down and do regular activities and I only feel slight pain. I even think that I could have gone for an actual walk yesterday. I am hoping that soon my heel spurs will be gone. But if they are not, at least I can do things without pain. When you are walking with these shoes, you feel like there is no back part of the shoe. You feel like your heel does not come down on the ground. You move more forward or something. Now I know this shoe salesman could be lying to me, but he told me that he had two customers that were supposed to have knee surgery and they have postponed it because these shoes have helped their knee pain. I will keep you updated. My next step is an orthopedic doctor specializing in feet if this does not work.

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Lee Ann said...

I love your new blog layout! I hope the shoes work for you. I know you will feel better when you can do all those things you enjoy!!!!