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Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Okay, before you think this has something to do with dirt... let me explain. My co-workers and I were talking today at work. We talked about so much negative talk that goes on in our lives... television, radio, regular conversations with friends and family about all kinds of things... television, politics, work, husbands, children, friends, our health, the way we feel, our parents, etc. So we have come up with a game... yes.. a game we will be starting tomorrow. I don't know how long we will play the game, if we will get mad playing the game, if the game will change our thought life, our words, or our actions. But here it is... we are not allowed to say anything negative about anything... about any of those above things I mentioned and more. And when we do.. we point to that person and say MUD. We came up with this word because it is not a nice sounding word and we want that person to know they are sounding like mud would sound if mud could talk. And MUD is the acronym for Must Use Discipline. You know, I believe that so much of most people's problems is their lack of discipline... with eating, money, use of time, etc. So tomorrow I may not be doing very much talking. I don't want to score points on the MUD scoreboard. So what do you think? A good idea, huh? I hope everyone will play... I'll let you know about how it goes.


dannielo said...

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Lee Ann said...

I think I'll use the game in my everyday life too! What a great way to remember to be positive about things!!!!!!