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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Back to My Other Life

I am so tired!!! Yes.. being a new grandmother is exhausting. Both physically and emotionally. I have been away from home now for a week. I left last Friday morning when dd went into labor. I have gone through the entire spectrum of emotions... anticipation.. excitement...!!! What a time it has been! And then getting to watch my dd become this person now called mother. I am in awe at how she has taken to her new life. She has been confident, patient, and most of all determined. Her beginning days of nursing her baby did not go too well, but she persevered and would not give up. She has read books, contacted friends, and consulted with trained medical professionals...doctors, nurses, and lactation specialists. And she has done great! Our new little baby girl is so smart and sweet and beautiful... and strong!! I am about to return to my other life tomorrow. Or should I say my other place of residence.. because I don't think my other life will be the same again. I am going to be sad to be leaving them.

I do look forward to getting back to my working out as I have neglected that this past week for more "important" duties. I am still having trouble with my foot, but I want to just push past my pain and get back to running, biking, and swimming... now more than ever.. I want to be a healthy grammy for my granddaughter and all my future grandchildren. I don't want to be that "old grammy" who is pitiful ...bless her heart. I plan to once again try to get refocused with my diet and be the healthiest I can be. Oh, did you read the latest about weight loss?... forget lowfat, low carb, food combining.... it is still what it has always been- portion control, balanced diet... take in fewer calories than what you burn and you will lose weight....hmmmm.....imagine that!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Photos of Granddaughter

Here are some photos of my precious granddaughter. The first two were taken on Sunday, the photo of me and her were on Saturday when she was less than 24 hours old, and the last one was mom, dad, and baby about to leave the hospital on Monday. She is just so adorable. I am probably going to be leaving tomorrow to head back to my house, but I am sure leaving a piece of my heart here. My daughter is such a good mommy and her hubby is a great dad. We are truly blessed!!!

Friday, February 20, 2009


Yea!! Today I became a grandmother. My daughter began labor this morning at 4:00 a.m. She called us at 5:00, and then called back at 6:00 letting us know she was at the hospital and definitely in labor. They gave her an epidural and we waited all day for the birth. At 7:00 p.m. it was decided that she would be having a C-section. She delivered an 8 lb. 3 oz. baby girl at 8:22 p.m. She had to be put under. Mom, Dad and baby are all doing well. We are all tired, but so thankful how God has blessed us today.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Just Wondering

Well, I don't like harping on the same old thing, but my feet are still hurting. One of mine hurts bad... the one that has bothered me for 5 months now, and sometimes the other one bothers me. I am starting to wonder if I have some sort of arthritis in my foot. I have been wearing my foot splint for over a month, wearing my orthotics continually, not running, doing very little walking, and still pain. I must either contact my doctor with this information, or find a new one.... someone that can perhaps HELP me. I have been so busy lately trying to get things done before the grandbaby comes. Last night I worked on trust taxes. Today I planned to work at the duplex I am trying to get ready to rent. I bought what I needed at Lowes after I went to my FF class. I got to the duplex and remembered I had left the key in my jeans pocket which were at home. I am now about to work on a quilt sleeve that I must finish because the quilt show is March 12, and I may be gone right up until that time. The sleeve is hand sown on the back so a pole can go through it to hang it. I have two more to do. And then I must get everything ready for dh to get our taxes in order. I heard something the other day... you don't own your house or your car... you rent those too.... with all the taxes!!!! I don't even want to get started. Okay... I just decided to throw in this boring post because I have not posted recently.

Sunday, February 8, 2009


Okay...this is same song...hmmm...what verse? One of my most frequent topics....weight loss... how to lose weight and keep it off.. new tips for weight loss. Well..... I have just spent a weekend with my unome friends. One of my friends lost over 30 lbs. with weight watchers, and has kept it off for over 5 years. She is so consistent and disciplined with her eating habits. I teased her all weekend about being my mentor. Those of you who know me well know that I love to eat. I love all types of food. I can eat just about any food at any time of day. I can eat fried fish, pizza, or enchiladas for breakfast. I also love to drink Dr. Pepper. But she offered me some new tips this weekend. She said it is about quantity. Okay, let me explain what I mean. When you are trying to lose weight and not eat as much, what you want to do is not feel deprived on the quantity of food you eat. So, instead of really eating a big quantity, you feel like you have had quantity. Here is an example.... like eating chips and hot sauce... break the chips into many small pieces and dip in the hot sauce. You are eating smaller bites, but the quantity of pieces is more. Or if you are eating a fat free fig bar, cut it into 8-10 pieces instead of eating it in three bites. So you are enjoying each bite, taking longer to eat it and you don't feel deprived. Now the other information was a little harder to take.... she says, " Dee, you gotta shrink your stomach. You gotta eat less for awhile and maybe be hungry and uncomfortable for awhile until your stomach becomes smaller. " Okay, I am psyched for this. I am motivated! Anyone want to get on board with me? Come on.. let's do it together!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Defensive Driving

Yes.... I am taking defensive driving. And yes.... you can guess why I am taking defensive driving. On January 10th, I traveled to McKinney along with a friend and my mother to attend my daughter's baby shower. I was not in my vehicle, but in my mother's CRV. This cute little SUV rides very smoothe, and periodically I would notice that I was speeding. I would say to myself... oops, I need to slow down. I should have put on my cruise. Anyway... the speed limit had dropped to 60 and I was going 70. I felt like it was a speed trap, but nevertheless, I was guilty. I am taking an online defensive driving class. And actually, I am enjoying it and learning how to be a better driver. The cute videos are very educational. The cost is $25 for the course. This little speeding lesson has not been cheap, but I feel like it has been very beneficial for me... maybe saving my life. Maybe saving someone else's life because I am a better driver. The course has 8 sections and takes about 7 hours to take it. I am finished with 5 of them. I can log on and log off and take as many as I want when I want. If you find yourself in my situation, this is definitely the way to go!