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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Back to My Other Life

I am so tired!!! Yes.. being a new grandmother is exhausting. Both physically and emotionally. I have been away from home now for a week. I left last Friday morning when dd went into labor. I have gone through the entire spectrum of emotions... anticipation.. excitement...!!! What a time it has been! And then getting to watch my dd become this person now called mother. I am in awe at how she has taken to her new life. She has been confident, patient, and most of all determined. Her beginning days of nursing her baby did not go too well, but she persevered and would not give up. She has read books, contacted friends, and consulted with trained medical professionals...doctors, nurses, and lactation specialists. And she has done great! Our new little baby girl is so smart and sweet and beautiful... and strong!! I am about to return to my other life tomorrow. Or should I say my other place of residence.. because I don't think my other life will be the same again. I am going to be sad to be leaving them.

I do look forward to getting back to my working out as I have neglected that this past week for more "important" duties. I am still having trouble with my foot, but I want to just push past my pain and get back to running, biking, and swimming... now more than ever.. I want to be a healthy grammy for my granddaughter and all my future grandchildren. I don't want to be that "old grammy" who is pitiful ...bless her heart. I plan to once again try to get refocused with my diet and be the healthiest I can be. Oh, did you read the latest about weight loss?... forget lowfat, low carb, food combining.... it is still what it has always been- portion control, balanced diet... take in fewer calories than what you burn and you will lose weight....hmmmm.....imagine that!

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Dustin & Kate said...

Thanks for posting on my blog! It was good to see you yesterday and to get to see my sweet friend Casey blossoming as a new mommy. Tatum is so beautiful and sweet! I know you will cherish your memories from the past week. My mom and I both fondly remember how special it was when she was here with me the week after Nora was born. :)
Congrats on your new title of "Grammy!"
~Kate Wallace