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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Defensive Driving

Yes.... I am taking defensive driving. And yes.... you can guess why I am taking defensive driving. On January 10th, I traveled to McKinney along with a friend and my mother to attend my daughter's baby shower. I was not in my vehicle, but in my mother's CRV. This cute little SUV rides very smoothe, and periodically I would notice that I was speeding. I would say to myself... oops, I need to slow down. I should have put on my cruise. Anyway... the speed limit had dropped to 60 and I was going 70. I felt like it was a speed trap, but nevertheless, I was guilty. I am taking an online defensive driving class. And actually, I am enjoying it and learning how to be a better driver. The cute videos are very educational. The cost is $25 for the course. This little speeding lesson has not been cheap, but I feel like it has been very beneficial for me... maybe saving my life. Maybe saving someone else's life because I am a better driver. The course has 8 sections and takes about 7 hours to take it. I am finished with 5 of them. I can log on and log off and take as many as I want when I want. If you find yourself in my situation, this is definitely the way to go!

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Lee Ann said...

Thanks for the advice! I hope I won't have to use it!!! :)