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Friday, February 13, 2009

Just Wondering

Well, I don't like harping on the same old thing, but my feet are still hurting. One of mine hurts bad... the one that has bothered me for 5 months now, and sometimes the other one bothers me. I am starting to wonder if I have some sort of arthritis in my foot. I have been wearing my foot splint for over a month, wearing my orthotics continually, not running, doing very little walking, and still pain. I must either contact my doctor with this information, or find a new one.... someone that can perhaps HELP me. I have been so busy lately trying to get things done before the grandbaby comes. Last night I worked on trust taxes. Today I planned to work at the duplex I am trying to get ready to rent. I bought what I needed at Lowes after I went to my FF class. I got to the duplex and remembered I had left the key in my jeans pocket which were at home. I am now about to work on a quilt sleeve that I must finish because the quilt show is March 12, and I may be gone right up until that time. The sleeve is hand sown on the back so a pole can go through it to hang it. I have two more to do. And then I must get everything ready for dh to get our taxes in order. I heard something the other day... you don't own your house or your car... you rent those too.... with all the taxes!!!! I don't even want to get started. Okay... I just decided to throw in this boring post because I have not posted recently.

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