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Sunday, January 25, 2009

An Entire Week

What is with me? An entire week I have gone without posting. I mean... I usually don't have too much to say, but has that kept me from posting before? I don't think so. January is just one of those months when you are getting yourself sorted out. I mean... you are making new commitments, fresh starts, new ideas are abounding in your brain. You are excited about the new year, yet you are still reeling from the busyness of Christmas. So how are all of you doing? Are you like me and you need an accountability check? I mean... I made these new goals..and... not only have I not accomplished many, I even forgot what they were. How committed and dedicated is that? I have been reading some great books about self-improvement. I am continually trying to improve myself..... physically, in marriage, in other relationships... which means with friends, family, and most especially God. Being godly, having a contented and thankful attitude, being kind to others, etc. does not come naturally. It is certainly a quest... a pursuit.... a choice we make not only daily, but hourly. To continue to seek God's leadership, to keep that most powerful weapon in its scabbard, namely our tongue, to deny ourselves and become last instead of first. All of this is not easy. At least not on our own power. But wait.... God has sent his Holy Spirit to dwell in us. Oh thank you God that I have that same power available to me because I decided long ago to die to myself and let Christ live in me. Now if I can just keep reminding myself of that so that I don't try to run things my way. I'll have some more posts later about exercise, mature living, healthy eating, etc later, but today... I just wanted to reflect on what I have been thinking on lately.

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