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Sunday, January 11, 2009

Another Plus for Facebook

Like I have said, my 21 year old son has made fun of me being on facebook. And I told you all how I responded," Facebook is not just for young people!" Maybe that is how it started out, but I have to give another plus for facebook. I added as a friend a gal that I knew from my college days. She was not in dental hygiene, but she was good friends with my suite mates. So I would still consider us friends. After going back and forth with her with messaging, she told me that she was meeting up with those former suite mates of mine this weekend. Well.... they called me last night! Oh my gosh... what a great phone reunion we had! We talked about some of the things that we did when we lived together, the stories I would tell them, and how we would laugh and laugh when we were together. We were again laughing and laughing. One of my them told me about how she always looked forward to coming back to the dorm on Sunday night so we could get together and talk. We have not planned an in-person get-together yet, but we hope to have lunch and meet at a later date. Like I said.... another plus for facebook. And... I have to go up in the attic and see if I can find a photo of those days to post.

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