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Thursday, January 8, 2009

One Year Anniversary

I am approaching my one year anniversary of blogging. I started this blog on January 12, 2008. It started out as a blog that was to encourage middle-agers to get up off their rears and get in motion. I posted about my exercise program and have tried to encourage others to get moving. Throughout the year this blog has changed somewhat. One of my dear friends told me that maybe the foot injury has kept me from writing about exercise and instead, writing about other things. Yes, I have done that and for some they have liked it, and maybe others have not. I have used this blog as a means to journal not only my exercise, but just some random thoughts. Through this new hobby of blogging, I have met some interesting people and read some insightful posts.

As of late, my exercise has consisted of fitness fusion class three days a week. I have walked in the woods one day. I have not been bike riding or walking. When the weather gets warmer, I plan to be back on the bike and back in the pool. As for walking or jogging, that will depend on whether or not I can get rid of this foot pain.

So for those of you who have kept up with my writing this past year... thank you for your support and for listening to my crazy ramblings. Right now I plan to continue to blog, but I also have begun to limit myself to computer time. I have found that blogging and facebook can be quite addicting. Keep working to achieve your goals for 2009... that's what I plan to do!!!

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nancydmsw said...

I love the changes in your blog. I do need encouragement with exercise but love your spiritual encouragement as well. I think you are letting God use you the way he wants. Love you sweet friend.