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Thursday, January 1, 2009

Starting the New Year

I just finished typing out an email to my good friends the unomes. They were wishing each other happy new year, and I decided to randomly just list a few thoughts about what I want to happen in 2009. Now.... I did not ponder on this list, so I am sure that I could detail it more or come up with completely different items to add to the list. But here is what I came up with so far:

1. Spend more time in God's Word.
2. Memorize scripture all through the year.
3. Really and truly take prayer more seriously, and when I tell someone I will pray, to do it more than once. Keep my prayer journal close and open!
4. Vow to eat healthy- limit sugar, flour, Dr. Peppers, fried food, and eat more fruits and vegetables
5. Make a list of what I want to accomplish, set my goals and then proceed to go after them.
6. Keep negative thoughts and negative words to a minimum and try to totally eliminate them.
7. When an opportunity presents itself to help someone, don't even think about it, just respond.
8. Send a card or note to someone each week to encourage.
9. Send my kids a card or note or small gift card once a month.
10. Work on learning Spanish.
11. Look nicer, more accessorized.
12. Make a menu each week.
13. Learn more ways to simplify.
14. Clean out garage and attic.
15. Tell someone each day that I love them.
16. Tell someone each day how I appreciate them.
17. Laugh when someone cuts me off in traffic.
18. Do more stretching exercises.
19. Grow a garden.
20. Stop speaking totally if I am not saying something that is kind, good, and beneficial!!

Okay it sounds like I have a tremendous task ahead of me if I plan to accomplish all of this in 2009. It is sure something to aim for. What about you? You want to add to my list? I hope you all have a great 2009!

1 comment:

Lee Ann said...

I'm definately going to take some of your resolutions and add to my list! Happy New Year!