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Sunday, January 11, 2009

The Magnificent Seven

Okay, I just had to put this on my blog because it has been a year since I discovered the"Magnificent Seven". There was an old movie made in the early 60's with Yul Brynner entitled the Magnificent Seven. The movie was adapted from another movie called the Seven Samari. This series is about 7 men who are hired to keep the law in one of the western territories. Anyway... I love the television show that was made in 1998-2000. It ran for one season and was shutting down, and the fan response was so great that they ran it another season. So... there are two seasons. Now I originally started watching it because I like the actor Dale Midkiff who is the one above with the moustache. You will recognize Eric Close on the left from Without a Trace and Ron Perlman next to him from Hellboy. These seven actors play off of each other so well and have been so much fun to watch. I think there are about 22 episodes. I didn't even know I liked westerns. I got the photo off of Brigetta's Magnificent Seven page so I wanted to give her credit. You can sometimes find this series along with others of the past on Check them out and tell me what you think.

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