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Sunday, January 18, 2009

My Foot Splint

Well, last night marked the fourth night wearing my foot splint. You know, it is not uncomfortable. So far I have had no ill effects from wearing it... you know where it makes something else sore or tender. I do seem to wake up more in the night because when I turn or move my leg, I am aware of it. Is it doing what it is supposed to do? Hmmm... I can't say for sure. But I can say it is doing something. When I wake up in the morning, I am able to walk to the bathroom without bigtime pain. It is not totally pain-free... I mean I can still tell that I have this tenderness in my foot, but I am thinking that it is working, and it is going to take time to get me to that place. Therefore; I am going to continue to wear this splint; I am going to continue to wear my orthotics all the time; I am not going barefoot at all. I am so ready to be able to jump up and do what I want to do. So... I will end by saying how thankful I am that this seems to be doing its job. I am thankful that I can walk even though I have some pain. I am trying to turn any complaint into thankfulness. Try it... you will be more aware of your complaining, and you will be more thankful!

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Ellie Hamilton said...

I had one of those foot splints for my Achilles tendonitis/tear. I'm healed up now but that splint is going in my backpack on the Trail just in case.

As for turning complaints into thanks... that's one of the most useful things I've heard in a long time. Point taken!