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Monday, March 16, 2009

Four generations

Here is a photo taken this weekend of the four generations of Elizabeths. Each of us has the name Elizabeth although none of us use it. I have been too busy grandmothering to post about my exercise. I am still not up to par with my foot, but with all the herbs and orthotics I am using, I think I am getting better. I am going to wait longer before I see someone about surgery. I have lost in stamina with doing very little cardio. I need to get going again on this. I have not quit on my FF class, but today I did take the day off from it because I did not get good sleep over the weekend. I hope to get settled with my business and my health, and then I can again regularly post on this blog. I will add more photos later... this was a practice run to see if I was doing it right to take it off of one place and post to this blog.


shannonmichaelis said...

so glad you took that photo! we did one with 5 generations before my great-grandmother passed away. so many don't even have 4 generations these days. you'll cherish that photo forever!

Casey said...

I thought you needed another comment! She is finally taking a nap!