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Thursday, August 5, 2010

My Two Weeks with the Granddaughter

On the way with Poppa to pick tomatoes from the garden

Getting all hot and sweaty with Grammy at the zoo.

Playing in the water hose with Poppa.

I got to have my little granddaughter for two weeks. Well, here is how this played out. My daughter is a teacher in the Dallas area. She teaches technology, and this summer she had to attend two weeks of classes at UT Tyler to prepare for a technology class she will be teaching this school year. She was to stay in a dorm. Of course her husband works too, so someone had to take care of their child. So, my dd came with dgd on Sunday. My dd left for Tyler on Monday. I had dgd all week. We actually went and stayed in a hotel in Tyler that Wednesday with dd so mother and daughter could see each other. Then dd came to our house on Friday and stayed until Sunday when she went back to Tyler. Once again the responsibilty of dgd was mine until the next Friday when I took her back to meet up with her momma again who was very anxious to see her daddy again. We had a good week, but let me tell you.... whew.. was I ever tired. One reason of course was because my thyroid had me slowed down. Another reason was.. I am 56 years old! And then lastly.. I am just not used to taking care of someone every minute. I just don't know how these grandparents that are raising their grandchildren are doing it. This just goes against nature. No wonder grandparents have a hard time doing any discipline. It is like "of course... do whatever you want.. I am too tired to argue with you." I had a great time with this little toot. I left you with a few photos.


shannonmichaelis said...

How fun! SO glad you got some wonderful grandma time, though I am sure you have slept well ever since!

Jen said...

Dee.....I'm all smiles! Love it that you called her "toot" ha ha! That's what I call mine when they're being mischievous!
Those pictures are GORGEOUS! That first one looks like it should be on the front of a greeting card! She is such a doll!
I hear so much of my mom in this post. NOW I see why she lets my kiddos get away with so much!! :o)
You are the coolest grammy!!