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Monday, August 23, 2010

TK Sisters- 35+ Years Later

So my company came this weekend. Since I recently connected with these gals a year ago last June and October for the first time, we have gotten together several times. "C" lives in Austin, and I stayed with her back in May when I attended a wedding of a friend's daughter. (Did I mention that my dh does not like to go to weddings. I have to tell him when he simply HAS to go to one.) Well, C came to my hometown because she has an aunt that is a nursing home and so we were able to make it a get-together weekend when she came to visit her aunt and uncle. And my friend "S" lives about an hour's drive away, so we called her and she came too. These two gals are so much fun. They continually make me laugh, and I thank God so much that he brought them into my life 35+ years ago. Our weekend started with us having lunch at the local tearoom. They loved the food.. especially the desserts. We then went to our hunting camp for our tour to see what they thought about our larger TK group staying there maybe in January. The next day C downloaded some of my old photos for FB. We loaded up after having breakfast and headed to Palestine which is near my S's lakehouse. We finally made it to the lake where we could get a little sun and enjoy the water since the Texas temperatures are still soaring into the 100s. My friend S cooked us a great dinner of ham, macaroni and cheese, and the absolute best potato salad I have ever had! And she easily whipped up a coconut pie and a custard pie. The next day we went to her mom's house for lunch. Now I know where she gets her cooking ability from. I felt like it was Thanksgiving lunch with the spread we had. All of S's family there- mother, brother, sister-in-law, nieces, nephew, their spouses and children. What a wonderful bunch of people. And the food- omg... hamburgers, macaroni and cheese, fried okra, squash, peas, cornbread, French fries, cantaloupe and then there were about 3 desserts that I passed up. I got home later that day and my dsons cooked dinner for their dad on his birthday.. can you believe it has been a whole year since we had his 60th birthday party? Time slow down. And my granddaughter turned 18 months old on Friday. So I am leaving you with a few photos. One of the photos has my friends C, S, and another friend M along with me in 1973 and again the three of us last Friday. There is one of us at Galveston in 1973, and the latest of my little granddaughter. Needless to say... I am tired... I stayed up too late, and of course how could I help it??? I ate too much!!!

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