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Monday, August 2, 2010

More about Meds

Well, thankfully I did get my physician to put me back on the Armour thyroid. However, he prescribed something different for my anxiety. After googling it and reading what previous patients of this drug had to say.. I had to say "FORGET IT!!" My physician, who I trust very much, did not want to put me on the Xanax because it can become addicting. He only prescribes it for patients experiencing a temporary anxious state like a death in the family. But this other medication was one that would have to build up in your body and then you would have to wean yourself off of. I wanted him to know that yes, I respect his judgment since he is my doctor, but I also take a proactive role in my health. I would rather deal with the symptoms I am having with the hypothyroidism than add new symptoms as a result of a side effect to a drug. I am just so hoping that soon my hormone levels will be back to normal and along with that I will be too! I have decided to continue on with my life despite the uncomfortable feelings I am having. I am back to walking, and doing my push-ups, sit-ups, and squats. I am soon to be back with my weight lifting. I am back charting my food intake on I like this site as well as One of my good friends is doing the MFP, so I have a buddy on this site.

Somehow on my last post, I had several photos of my granddaughter. And then they disappeared. I have no idea what I did wrong. I also want to post some photos of all the canning that I have been doing. I have canned Rotel tomatoes, whole tomatoes, salsa.. lots of salsa!!.. squash pickles, dill pickles, blackberry jam, peach jam, and a pickled vegetable medley of peppers, onions, cauliflower, and carrots.

The temperatures here in this east Texas town have been very high. I think today was probably our hottest day.. at least it felt like it walking across the Walmart parking lot. Well, I do intend to try to get back to blogging. I decided instead of giving you all a password to read my blog, I will just moderate the comments. I am still getting the Chinese writing on this.. why, I do not know.. I am not posting their comments.. why do they continue to keep doing this? Does anyone know what that means?

Right now I have my supper cooking outside in an electric roaster oven. You know the kind you put a big turkey in. I cooked dh a peach dessert out there, and I have a meatloaf cooking in it. If I cook inside the house, it just heats the house up and the air runs and runs. So.. it is either cook outside in that.. grill.. or go out to eat!!! See you tomorrow!

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