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Monday, January 20, 2014

My First Day of Committment

So yesterday was my first day of committment.  Rather than write everything that I did, I will just list what I have decided to do about the dietary breakdown.  So here is my goal for each day:
Calories- 1400
Carbohydrates-122g     35%
Fats- 52g                       25%
Protein- 140g                40%

So here is how I faired-
Carbs- 111    34%
Fats-  52       36%
Protein-99     30%

So it is obvious I had too many fats.  I am glad I came close on my carbs, and just need to eat more protein.  I am not following   recommendations, but put it my own for my percentage of each of these nutrients.  My plan for the future with this blog is to just list my totals for each day, and not my goals.

Now exercise-  the past few days my back has bothered me ( I am down in it every so often).  It continued to get worse and worse, and yesterday I could barely walk to the refrigerator!  So no exercise at all yesterday.   But today I am much better.  I walked 30 minutes before breakfast.  I plan to do more today if I am able.  I also am suffering from vertigo...not bad, but it is still there.   Gosh... turning sixty is not sounding good.

I did okay on my water, but not great.  So, that will be something I work harder on today.  I am reviewing my goals and speaking positively to myself.  I am focusing on getting my PUSH goal accomplished!

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