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Thursday, January 30, 2014

Tuesday, Wednesday, and Being Accountable

Tuesday totals
Calories-1439-208 Exercise=1231
Net Carbs 53
Fats- 48
Protein- 112

Wednesday totals
Calories- 1548
Net Carbs- 120

     Looking at the past two days shows that I did go over my calories for the day.  But it also shows how just a small amount of exercise can keep you in your goal range.  I just completely ran out of time yesterday to get my walk in.  Which also makes me continue to realize I MUST DO THIS EARLY IN THE DAY!!!!   I mean this is important to me... so why do I put it at the bottom of my priorities for the day??? I would have to say it is just not being in the habit of doing it early.  That is one of the things I am going to have to work on.  I did keep my fat grams low on Wednesday even though I went over on my calories.... but my protein was low.  I kept my carbs very low on Tuesday and went a little over with my fats, but did good on my protein.  I can say with certainty that I am completely inconsistent.
   Let me say what I did on Tuesday for lunch.  I took my own advice and typed in what I planned to have for lunch prior to having it.  I have a calendar card from Chick-filet, and my free chicken tortilla soup was about to expire on the end of this month.  When I typed it in, it was around 270 calories.  The fat grams and carbs were low too.  When I ordered my soup at the drivethru, I noticed that it said on the marquis it was 200 calories.  When I got my soup it came with these little fritos, and after reading the bag, I saw where they were an additional 70 calories.  So, I made a major milestone for me!!! I did not eat the little fritos.  That being all said, let me say also the soup was delicious and very filling!!!
    I do not know if anyone is reading this blog or not... but I am writing it to be accountable.  It is keeping me focused.  I see that any healthy eating is about planning... so I better get to planning my menus for this weekend!


Marlene Dorough said...

I understand the whole being accountable thing. I was actually a little surprised to see this . Please don't take this wrong, I did not realize keeping tack of this tuff was a part of your day. You are such a beautiful young lady and I admire you. I'm sure I'm twice (at least ) your age and have struggled with body issues ALL my life. Been trying to take care of me and maybe lose a little at the same time (weight). Not seem to be happening though, so TRYING to accept me for me. I'veALWAYS felt that women should be curvy, not look like pre-teen boys (no offense to anyone). Just know you are beautiful Tess

Dee said...

Each day, I try to list my food intake and physical activity in my fitness pal. It is certainly a day by day process to make new habits, and get rid of some of our old habits. I say be the best "You" you can be, and do not compare yourself to others. You keep up the good work!