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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

A Real Eye-opener

Calories- 1862 !!!!
Exercise-158 bringing calories to 1704
Net Carb 117
Fat 91  !!!!

   Looking at my daily food intake looks like I gorged all day, but that was not the case.  I had 299 calories for breakfast, and 256 calories for lunch.  That is not even half of my daily allowance.  But here is where I went wrong.... I had a very small snack.. and when I say small, it was really not a lot of food- one wasa cracker, 5 buttercrisp crackers and 2 laughing cow cheese.  That little snack added up to 180 calories.  I could have left off those buttercrisp and had another wasa.  I could have had an apple.  All of this to say those few calories don't sound like much, but they all add up.  Now here is the biggy.... I had all these calories saved for dinner- this was before my snack was logged in and I knew I had spent 180 calories.  And I did not go to dinner with the intention of  pigging out.   But I went to a Mexican food restaurant and was with friends.  Laughing and talking and eating chips and then thinking I was not ordering an item really high in calories (nachos al carbon).. This is what everyone else was ordering.  I did log in on the high side of calories for dinner.. it could have been less or it could have been more... but it came to 1, 128!!!  Yes, I am serious.... you can eat over 1000 calories without even realizing that it is that high.  It was a 1/2 plate and did not seem like that much. What an eye-opener for me!!
   So here is what I will do next time before I go out to eat.  I am going to type in some Mexican foods to compare the calorie/fat amount.  When I see what would be the best choice, I will plan to order that and actually do it!!  I can see how keeping this log everyday is enlightening me on so many false ideas I have about my food choices.  And my fat intake.... 91 for the day which was double my quota.  I will have to look back to see how many were in that one meal, but I can tell you it was probably over 50! I am so glad I did go for that walk because it canceled out about 158 calories.
   But today is a new day- I am not talking negative to myself, I am not beating myself up about yesterday, I will make good choices today, and I will press on toward my goal!!

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