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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

It's Up to You

When it comes to health, fitness, diet, etc.  it is up to YOU! I have realized that I am a very good encourager for other people.  I can compliment them, provide information, and be their cheerleader... but when it comes to me... I am a discourager.. so I am changing that..  I am saying to myself what I would say to others.
     You cannot blame anyone else for your lack of or failure or inadequacies, etc.  You also cannot make someone else get on board with you either.. it is not up to you!  That is up to that individual.  I feel the biggest battle of most things begins in your mind... remember the negative talk you give yourself.. or you may even give yourself positive false talk, " oh you don't look so bad. " Or.. "after all, you are not young anymore, you can be overweight."  Whatever... I have said them all to myself at some time... and I still do!!  I am gonna say don't talk negative and don't necessarily call your talk positive... unless you can call your talk truthful talk.  You can turn any negative statement into a positive truthful talk.   Here are some of the words I have come up with:
1.  I inherited this body type from my father...INSTEAD since I have a tendency to put weight on in my middle I am going to work on limiting my carbs, or fat, or whatever to improve my body.
2.  You are always gonna be fat... INSTEAD.. you are improving yourself everyday with your healthy diet and extra physical activity.
3.  Everyone else looks better than you... INSTEAD... I am looking better than I did 3 months ago.
4.  I can't do that cardio or pushups or whatever... INSTEAD.. I am going to do what I can today and tomorrow shoot to do more.. walk a little faster or walk a little longer or do one more pushup or jumping jack or squat or lunge or whatever.
   You get the gist of what I am saying... In a nutshell.. don't compare yourself to others.. Do what YOU can do.  Don't be the food police with others... that is up to them to change, not YOU!!
Make your goals and move forward doing the best YOU can one can be a better you than YOU!

1 comment:

vlad said...

You wrote, " I can't do that cardio or pushups or whatever."

You can put your hands on the counter, step back a few feet and do pushups with your body at an angle. Do as many as you comfortably can morning and night. Soon you can do sets of 20, then 30, then .........