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Saturday, January 25, 2014

Trim Healthy Mama

Calories- 1349
Net Carbs- 136

   Yesterday was an an okay day.  I stayed within my calories, but my carbs are still too high even with having 31 g of fiber which is a great plus!!  The recommended amount of daily fiber is 35g or close to that.  But late in the evening I am just wanting something sweet.  And I am not even a huge sweet eater.  The reason I am not a huge sweet eater is I do not keep it here in the house.  Because I am an addict when it comes to pie, cake, cookies, or candy bars.  I cannot stop at one!!! I have friends that can have a bowl of Hershey kisses in a pretty bowl on the coffee table...not me!!  They would be gone in no time.. by me and my husband... we have the same problem.
   That all being said leads me to the subject of today.. Trim Healthy Mama.. or to be known as THM. This is a program that two sisters have studied and researched and worked on for several years.  The program is presented in a 600+ page book.  Serene Allison and Pearl Barrett are not nutritionists or scientists or doctors.  They have gone through all kinds of diets that are out there.  One of them was even a vegan at one time.  And from all of their own experiences, lay studies, and trial and error, they have come up with this plan.  This is not a diet, but a different way of eating.  I will only tell you a few concepts because you need to buy the book.  You can have fat and carbs, but they are limited in the kind of meal you choose.  If you have a fat meal it is a satisfying meal known as an "S" meal.  If you choose to have less fat and more carbs, it is called an energizing meal known as an "E" meal.  For me there is a lot to learn, so I do not have it down yet.  But there are many women not only in this country but all over the world that are doing this program and losing lots of weight.  There are several right here in my hometown that are doing it, and yes, they are having great success.
   I say all this about THM because they have some delicious desserts that can be eaten.  So... I am going to have to get those ingrained in my memory so I can go whip one up when I have those evening sweet cravings.  I looked the book up on Amazon, and I saw that you can purchase the book for $35.  I paid over $50 for mine.  Go check it out!!

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