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Thursday, January 23, 2014

Pills, Walkers, Oxygen, Wheelchairs and Golden Corral

Calorie- 1397
Net Carbs-77
Exercise- burned  238 Calories

    So I had a discussion with a friend today about medicare, social security, insurance policies, etc.  Both of our husbands will be turning 65 this year so this is how we had this discussion.  We also talked about ourselves and OUR insurance because neither of us will be 65 for a few more years.
   Now this is in no way meant to be offensive to anyone who takes a lot of medication or is on oxygen, or needs a walker, or is in a wheelchair.  And so I do not need a bunch of comments about reasons or excuses or bad talk about this.  We cannot prevent many ills and diseases and infirmities coming into our lives.  HOWEVER... we can alter our lifestyles to keep some of these at bay.. How?  With watching our diet, moving more, and losing weight.   You all know I have these exact struggles. I know what is right and true, and I just don't always do it.. why else would I be writing about all of this and the small successes and failures that I have concerning this topic.  My friend had gone to a medicare meeting at Golden Corral, and she mentioned how bad the majority of the people looked and that most of them had one of the above that I mentioned.  I told her that I got to see the same thing when I went to the Heart Institute with my mother.. again.. I know that all problems are not caused by lifestyle choices, so don't be offended.  AND... I do know that aging is going to bring many of these on no matter what choices you make.. But we both agreed that going to Golden Corral or the Heart Institute was a good "negative" motivator to have you live differently.
    Now here is the funny part... her husband who is a runner and very lean told her that he would go to the meeting but he did not want to eat at GC... I had to laugh because someone  I know has been begging me to go with them to GC.  I have said I will not go because I know me.. I will see all those different entrees and desserts, and totally be helpless to resist!!  Maybe later I can get to the point where I could go and only have a healthy portion... but not today!!

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