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Friday, January 24, 2014

Get Back on the Saddle

Calories 1626
Net Carbs-90

   Some days you just get off track, and you fall off the wagon, or horse... and you just have to get back on that saddle.  For me that is what happened yesterday.  I started out really good, and there were lots of positives in my day.  I drank all my water yesterday.  Since I was going to be home all day this made it fairly easy.  I had almost 39 g of fiber yesterday.  I only had 90 net carbs.  Now the bad part.. I went over my calories by 226;  I went over my fat just about double!!  And due to me still not feeling up to par, the weather being bad, and me being busy with quilting projects I did not get in any exercise.  My big eating problem occurred after dinner when I proceeded to have late night snacks.  Well, I ate too much of it, and I ate the wrong thing.  The only thing sweet in my house would have been some fruit.  Now that is what I should have had.  But instead I opened the pantry and took out a package of sweetened coconut and ate bite after bite after bite!!!  I had to chew and chew and chew on it which was good or no telling how much I would have eaten.
    What I learned... reach for the fruit if you want something sweet or get busy doing something else or say my goals to myself!!  If I have many nights like last night I will not reach my PUSH goal.  But here I am today tracking my food and keeping up with this blog.... so I am definitely back in the saddle!!

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