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Monday, February 3, 2014

Grandchildren and Getting Off Track

Weight loss - stayed the same -6 lbs.

  Well, you can see there are posts missing from Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.  My grandchildren (ages 22 months and almost 5 years) came to visit on Friday.  I spent Friday preparing for their visit, and Sunday recuperating.  I realize I am just making excuses for not keeping my journal with my fitness pal these last three days.  I see that I am going to have to be more disciplined when my life is not the normal routine.  So... another thing I learned... jot it down so you can remember it all later.
   I did not get off track too badly while they were here.  I did have a piece of pizza.  But it was one piece.  I added lots of vegetables to a pepperoni pizza- onions, red bell pepper, and chopped black olives.  I had a salad with it, so I did not need more than one piece.  I also resisted the chocolate ice cream that my husband bought for himself... I mean them.  I did, however, skip my water and drank Diet Coke.  So today.. I do not feel good.  My diet has certainly made me feel bad with an upset stomach.  Today I plan to get back on track.  My main thing is that I did not review my PUSH goal or my weekly goals... I was too absorbed with their needs.  It was putting out one fire after another.  Did I mention the 22 month old is a boy???? No sooner did I get something put up then it was something else that was dug out.  And I had to watch him closely because my house is not baby-proofed.  I loved every minute of it though!  My granddaughter is the sweetest little girl.  I am so blessed with these children.
   So today I am going to try to get some exercise in...plan my meals for the week, and stay on track!

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