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Monday, July 11, 2011

Where Ya Been Dee?

T shirt quilt- 24 T shirts, 12 on front and 12 on back-just need to add the borders and get quilted
tomato basil jam- I think it will be good over cream cheese.
Corn salsa- use as a dip with chips.
Father's Day weekend at Galveston
Have y'all been wondering where I have been? Gosh... it has been 3 months since I have posted. I cannot believe that time is rushing by so fast. Well... I have had lots going on. You know I told you all how in January I helped my oldest ds fix his bathroom up.. then he decided to move to the Woodlands, so I helped him kinda sorta stage his house. I have a friend that is a stager and another friend that is a realtor, and they both gave me some pointers on what to do to help sell his house. Here is what I did- shampooed the carpet, painted every room except for the bathroom ( which I did) and another bedroom which I did last year; painted the kitchen cabinets; painted the deck off from the patio; painted the hardware on the kitchen cabinets; bleached the grout on the kitchen tile; had to tear down wallpaper in one bedroom before I painted it; painted the light fixture on front porch; painted the mailbox; planted impatiens in the front flower bed; pressure washed the deck before painting; pressure washed the carport and the front of the house; watered the yard continually, raked up 18 bags of pinestraw; hauled off junk, cleaned thoroughly the laundry/storage room; replaced the lights on the ceiling fan. I am sure I left something out.. but yea!!! he sold the house and did make a profit... and I will get a nice monetary gift for all my hard work!!
I have also kept my granddaughter a few times this summer. That is lots of fun, but also quite exhausting for this "Gibby". I have made it a few times to Galveston to check on my family's condo.. which is still for sale!!
I haven't done near the amount of working out, walking, zumba as what I would like. I have had some health issues, but after scheduling an appointment 6 weeks ago, I finally got to see the doctor today. I will soon have the wonderful colonoscopy along with a scope to check out my esophagus. They are gonna meet in the middle...LOL
I have done very little in my sewing room except for fixing it up so I can comfortably watch TV. I now have a window unit along with central air in this room. I put a little loveseat in here too... you come to my house, you can find me in this room. I am planning and designing a wall of some bookshelves. I have so many projects I want to do, and I seem to be doing more planning that doing... I just seem to have a hard time getting started.. so today... by gosh.. I got the spray paint out and have been painting my barstools. My dh came home and could not understand why I wanted to change things... duh... women like to change things!! So instead of buying new, I am just making things different.
I also was pretty busy a couple of weeks ago "putting up" tomatoes. I have made over 60 jars of salsa, tomato basil jam, pickles, and my newest- chili sauce. This is fantastic!! I have eaten it on refried beans, rice, eggs, and I plan to use it with enchiladas. I am so proud of this!! It is from the cookbook, You Can Can.
So, yes, I have been busy, and just not making time to blog. I hope I will start back regularly. I will include some photos of some of my projects.

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