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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Sewing room

So it has been some time since I posted here on my blog. I guess any followers I have had have given up on me. I have been working the last couple of days getting my sewing room organized. I went to the Family Crisis Center Thrift Shop and purchased this farmhouse table. It is certainly not an antique, nor does it look all that great right now, but it was within my budget. Remember, I retired, and don't have or need to be spending money on anything frivolous. I had been using a plastic table from Academy. It had previously been left outside; therefore, making it a little swayed in the middle. I wanted to move my cutting mat to the table and have my ironing table on my other work table. So this is going to work out good. I don't like the fabric of the loveseat. It is an old Ethan Allen loveseat that I purchased in 1986- yes, the mauve does scream 80's. But I absolutely love having a comfortable place to sit and either read, be on my computer, watch TV, and/or do handwork. It is not a very deep loveseat, so it is comfortable to sit erect and easy to get up from. I have a window AC in the room which lets me get this place super super cold!! Yes... menopause will have you get excited about such things as window air conditioners!! I also still have room to do my workout with my weights and videos, and I can pull my treadmill down if I decide to walk inside. I plan to get some shelves built above the worktable that is against the wall next to my thread. I have lots of shelves to house my books, magazines, notebooks, etc. I have a small desk that has all of my cards- thank you notes, birthday, sympathy, etc. I have good lighting too. I love my sewing room!!! It is a great place to work. I included the photos because this maybe the neatest it will be in awhile. The stuff below the table is some of my fabric that will not go in the closet.

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bella111 said...

Love it! Everything I want in my room too!