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Thursday, September 10, 2015

It's Been Awhile

   Wow!  It has been awhile!  Why do I even have a blog?  With pinterest, facebook, emails, etc., I seldom make time to blog at all... that includes post on my blog, or read anyone else's blog.  I liked it when I first began blogging, and there was not so much to read.  So much has happened since my last blog post in November.  
   My mother's health continued to decline.. she soon was not walking, then not going to dine with her friends in her independent living home, quitting playing her games, and finally quitting eating at all.  It was a time of stress in my life.  I ate junk food:  I quit exercising;  I slept poorly; and I stressed!  There was mental and emotional stress as well as what I was doing to my body by stressing my adrenals.  She passed away on January 11th.  Then I was going.. going... going.. because I finally could!!  Taking trips and meeting up with friends!  Beginning and working and finishing old and new projects!  I was doing anything except take time and experience my grief.  Well, here I am almost 8 months later, and I am now trying to reverse some of the damage I incurred.  I began about 3 weeks ago drinking my water.. half my body weight in ounces which is a lot!   I also began my walking routine of trying to walk six days a week.  I am working out in the gym two days a week.  I am getting better with my eating and drinking ( wine and sodas), and I am feeling better. 
    So, I say all this in this blog as I do in person... if you are a caretaker, take care of yourself!!  I know I can tell you that, and you may ignore it just like I did.  I usually do go in fast motion, and I had many people express their concern about me telling me to slow down.  Finally, my health stopped me.  I got a flu or viral infection which included fever for five days. And oh my gosh.. the aches and pains I had.   My headache lasted for about a week.  And the cough lingered for six weeks.  I still cough sometimes.  I am finally knowing that I am on the mend by doing all of the above.  So all you caretakers out there... do as I say, and not as I did!!

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