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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Movie, Book, and Wreck

I had a friend of mine loan me the book "The Help". I know that should be underlined, but I am not sure how to do that on the computer. This book is written in first person by three women during the early 1960's. Two of the women are black and are "maids" to the white women of Jackson, Mississippi. No offense meant by the word maid... this was just what they were referred to as. Today we say housekeepers. But back then they were a maid.. or should I say handmaiden. Because they were so much more than a housekeeper. They not only cleaned the house, but they washed and ironed, cooked the meals, and served as a nanny to the children. Okay, back to the story.. the other person's view is written by a young white woman desiring to be a writer. She is sympathetic to the civil rights' of African -Americans, especially to black women. I will not relay anymore of the book so that I do not spoil it for you. I liked the book- I grew up during this time.. in the south, and yes, we had a "maid". I wondered if my white family behaved like some of these white families in the book.

Okay, I usually do not go to R rated movies. But I was assured this one did not have bad language in it. Well... there might have been a few bad words. The dialog was very adult and sex talk. There was a scene showing Alec Baldwin's exposed rear. But the movie not only had humor, but I thought had some depth. It showed the effects of divorce.. on the spouse that was left, the grown children still reeling from the effects, and even the one who was at fault who is now truly on the outside looking in. Any person considering divorce should see this movie and think much deeper about their lives, the lives the divorce will effect, and not just about the here and now.
I will soon be back to my exercise program. Just alot going on here at my house. My college son is here.. and when I say here.. I not only mean here at my house, but I mean here on this earth. He and some companions were in a terrible wreck last Friday night. The vehicle hit some ice and rolled 3 times. My son was sent to ER and only had glass in his scalp. I could have been receiving the news from the DPS that every parent hopes they never hear. Thank you Lord for being merciful to my family.
I will soon be back to my exercise. Needless to say, this has been an emotional time for all of my family. I went for a walk a couple of times last week, and also today. I plan to get myself back on schedule soon. Maybe I will be walking, maybe jogging, maybe P90X, or maybe a new video by Jillian. I have been working on my healthy eating now- no Dr. Pepper, drinking more water. I know what I need to do, so I better get 'er done!!!!

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Jen said...

Wow Dee! When you said your son had been in a wreck, I didn't realize how serious of a wreck you were talking about! PRAISE GOD for angels that watch over us, God's children and OUR children! The book you mentioned (and the movie) sound very interesting. I also don't watch "R" movies, but I will make a VERY occasional exception if I hear really good reviews. Thanks for the ideas!