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Friday, January 29, 2010

Hectic Day

I must say that yesterday proved to be a most hectic day for me. I began with my scheduled yearly doctor's appointment. That went well.. except for what I weighed on the scales... would you believe with my boots, socks, shirt, pants, and jacket I weighed 10 lbs. more on the doctor's scales? And we won't even go there. The funny thing is that it did not even upset me. I know that the lack of exercise has had an impact on my weight, but it is what it is.. and I have been too distracted with my cleanout activities to be focused on my exercise. But I will... soon!

So, I went out to our hunting camp, 669, because I am hosting my unome (you know me) girlfriends this weekend. There are supposed to be 9 of us in attendance, but there will probaby only be 8 (more about that later). I got out there and began one chore, and then saw.. oh I need to do this.. and that went on and on. I cleaned the bathroom as well as moving all of dh's toiletries. You see there is one bathroom and we will need all the counterspace. I cleaned and cleaned out the refrigerator- new fun food coming tonight! I had already changed the four beds upstairs in the loft. It was done last week. I changed the sheets on the queen and the two twins downstairs. I straightened the kitchen cupboards. I decluttered the mantle. I swept the entire cabin, as well as the front and back porch. I removed all the Bowhunter, The Rifleman, Duck's Unlimited, and Fish and Game magazines. I had so many interruptions ( more on that later). So let me just finish while I am on the subject of 669 telling what I have to do out there today. I plan to cook my sausage and put together my breakfast casserole for tomorrow. I am going to vacuum the rug out there. I am taking more coffee cups and another coffee pot. I am taking some "girl" magazines- Fitness and Southern Living as well as a few inspirational books. And also some fun DVD's like Mamma Mia, Baby Mama, and The Holiday (my new favorite DVD). So all of that should not take me too long.

Okay, about all of my interruptions. My granddaughter went to the ER two weeks ago and had the croup. She has not bee back to daycare but maybe one or two days since then. Her croup got better, but she came down with a stomach virus. It was not a continual vomiting and diarrhea, but she would vomit maybe once a day and the diarrhea stopped. Along with her sickness, my daughter also had a cold. So my dd goes to the doctor yesterday and gets antibiotics and a steroid shot. Meanwhile her dh and her mil (who has been taking care of gd) let her know that after she left, d gd vomited again and after her dr. appt. the doctor wanted her in the hospital for IV fluids due to dehydration. So... off to the ER they went again. They spent all day in the ER with the baby having an IV in her arm (it took 3 x). They hoped to come home, but since it took so long for her to have a wet diaper, they were told they had to stay the night. So while I am cleaning, I am going back and forth with her with texts and phone calls. I could not be there because I am hosting my gf. And I could cancel except that one is flying from Midland and two are driving from Houston. The rest live nearby. And then... I get a text from the one that I said will probably not be with us tonight-her hours old newborn granddaughter is not breathing well, and they are life-flighting her to Houston. So I am texting all the unomes back and forth telling them about this. I was praying all day long for these babies as well as parents and doctors and nurses.

So tonight's agenda is to go to the nearby university and see the Beatles impressionists called Liverpool Legends. We are all so funny and corny. We found these Beatles tshirts that are the picture of them on their first album- Meet the Beatles. We are all wearing them tonight. I will certainly include a photo later of this. Oh yeah.. also, I told my friends we would all get a photo made to go on "the honored wall" at 669. We will all wear camo for that. I told them not to buy any but to bring a shirt if they had one. Well... after cleaning up out there and investigating, we are like a Cabela's store- camo tshirts, sweat shirts, jackets, coats, pants, waders, caps, and gloves- you name it, we have it! I will include that photo later too.

Okay, time to get moving and start my busy day. Please keep all of these in your prayers.

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Jen said...

okay, I should've read this one before I asked how to pronounce Unome. You know me. Very cool!
How'd you come up with that name?

How is your friend's grandbaby doing? I was glad to read that your gd is doing better and is able to go back to daycare! Poor little thing! good thing she is surrounded by so many helpful and loving family members!
BTW...your son (pic above) is very handsome!