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Monday, February 1, 2010

Unome Weekend at 669

Wow!! What a fun weekend with my Unome girlfriends at 669. Okay.. explanation.. my unomes are a group of high school friends that get together twice a year. We began this 6 years ago when we were all turning 50. Our birthdays start in September and go through June. So we are all pretty close to the same age. Our first get together was in Feb '04 and we only met for one night. Then we met in Feb '05- again for one night. Then we met in July '05 and we met for a weekend at Crystal Beach for two nights. That is when we all decided we liked two nights and we liked two times a year- we just could not get it all in with our catching up in one night and we enjoy one another so much we want to see each other twice a year. We have since been to a hunting lodge of one of our members outside of town called Huckleberry Lodge- two times there, one time at Nancy's mother's house, one time at Nancy's house, one time at my house, one time at Jan's house, one time at Jan's ranch in Valero, one time at the Mariott in the Woodlands, and now this last time at our hunting camp. I think I mentioned that dh was worried because there is only one bathroom and if you are in the loft, you have to walk outside and come back in to go to the bathroom. This is the most people we have ever had at 669 at one time to spend the night. But these ladies are all pretty adaptable. Here is how the weekend played out:

Friday- the original plan was to meet at 4:30, load up and go to eat Mexican food in Nacogdoches, and then on to see the Liverpool Legends performance. Well, Jan's plane was late getting here. So we went to a local Mexican food restaurant and ordered for them and they made it in time for us to enjoy dinner before making the drive across the river. Then we all enjoyed the LL performance. I think we all agreed that we liked the early Beatles' music much better than Rubber Soul, Abbey Road, or Sgt. Pepper's album. The guys even had the Beatles' mannerisms down pretty good. It really looked like Ringo Starr. And of course we were quite a spectacle with our matching Beatles' shirts. Okay, then we made it to the camp and we snacked and talked and stayed up until about 3:30 a.m.

Saturday- we talked about going to Crockett to seeB.J. Thomas perform at their civic center. However, this idea was nixed because... when would we visit? So, we leisurely got up, drank coffee, had a breakfast casserole- which I think is a great recipe.. not just because I made it. We then began work on preparing the vegetables for pico de gallo while Fadra made chicken tortilla soup... the temperature was in the 30's so we kept the fire going in the fireplace. We all did get dressed in our camo with hair fixed and makeup since we were doing our group photo, and it was going on the honored wall of guests at 669. We had one of the members of our camp take the photo and then we took a couple with the camara set up on automatic. I think we will use the one by the trees to go on the wall. We had the soup going and we had the photo made, so that meant we had the time free to have a few margaritas- they were the best! We took a late afternoon drive down to the lake and then we came back and just relaxed. Those were the only times we went out the door other than getting more firewood or going up to the loft. Bedtime did not come early. I was the last to go to bed and that was at 2:30 a.m. Oh.. I forgot to mention that Fadra's birthday was Saturday so we celebrated with giving her cards, gifts, giftcards, and a delicious birthday cake!

Sunday- since the road into the camp will not accomodate low-riding vehicles, we parked three by the road, and drove two Suburbans and a Yukon to the cabin. So Sunday morning Carol left early and she took Fadra to her car. Dee Ann left shortly after and she took Sandra to her car. Jan, Peggy, Susie, and I stayed and put the finishing touches on putting the cabin back to pre-unome order. We washed and dried all the dishes, made all the beds, gathered all the towels, swept and vacuumed, and then relaxed until we had to have Jan back to meet Dee Ann to take her back to Bush Intercontinental. I got everyone delivered to their car/house and was home by 11:30. I was only home long enough to clean our my suburban, get the cooler cleaned out, get a few loads of towels done, and then I proceeded to repack and was in the car and on the road by 1:50 to head to Dallas. Since my little granddaughter is still not up to par from her illnesses, I volunteered to stay a few days so her mom and dad could work and not have to take her to daycare. I am so glad that I am retired so that I can help out in a small way. I was unable to help the past two weeks because I was sick and was getting ready for my friends to come. She is such a precious little doll, and I have time right now to post this blog because she is taking a long nap. So... retirement has so far proved to be quite busy for me. I am wondering if it will slow down. And... I absolutely MUST get back to my exercise program!!! I hope that my post will soon say something about that!!!

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Jen said...

oh my gosh...if those aren't the CUTEST pictures! I loooove the Camo. I think you are the most beautiful group of women I've ever seen in Camo. Who cares HOW old you are!
You were right when you said I'd enjoy reading this. What FUN! Now instead of dreading getting older, I wish it'd hurry up and get here! ha ha..
No, really, i'm trying very hard to take (and remember) your advice about enjoying each stage when I'm in it and not wishing for the past to come back or for the future to hurry up. Each part of life is special in its own way and I don't want to miss any of it wishing for something else! Thanks for helping me see that!
I wonder...what is Unome and how do you pronounce it?