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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Jackie Again

Okay, so today I finally did Jackie again. First let me back up. Last weekend was my little granddaughter's first birthday. I know... can you believe it? She is already a year old. And I am now starting my third year of blogging. So this weekend there was not exercise. And on Monday I had to take my mom to get a medical test done. I really wanted to do the Jackie workout on Monday, but I did not make it that morning. So I did a walk/jog that afternoon. I went my usual 3.4 miles. It was so cold. I only jogged about 6 minutes of it. And I did it in 2 minute intervals. Yes, I am so lame.. I am so out of cardio shape!! So yesterday, I was busy all day long and it snowed here in east Texas. Now that is quite unusual to have snow. And this is the second time this season we have had snow. It was not enough to blanket cover the ground. But it was so beautiful with the big beautiful flakes coming down. Okay, back to Jackie. Again, I got side-tracked... did my Bible reading, straightened the house, phone calls, etc. So I did not get started until after noon. I still have to stop during the circuit to get a drink or just take a breather. But this time I did make it through the entire workout. I think that I might just do the ab workout in the beginning instead at the end. So tomorrow I will again do the walk/jog. I have to get up early to take my mom to another dr. appt. Any of you that are interested.. the Jackie Warner DVD is a good one. It will give you a good workout. It goes very fast. Sometimes Jackie is going too fast for me, but I just continue on at my own pace.

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