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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Oldest Son

Today I had planned to do some more work on getting rid of stuff in my garage. I got some more plastic containers so that I could get rid of the banana boxes. There is just some stuff I cannot part with right now. But, I got a call from my oldest son. He lives in town, about a 15 minute drive from my house. He was home sick from work and wanted to know if I wanted to come clean his house. Actually, even though he felt bad, he did help me some. I took the makings for taco soup, and enough was made for our lunch and his supper. We got the carpet vacuumed and then shampooed, got his closets cleaned out- old computer, printer, keyboard, clothes that no longer fit, broken items, and then just stuff he did not want. We got the kitchen all cleaned as well as the bathrooms. We lifted the cushions on the couch and loveseat and got all the crumbs that had fallen in there. Did I mention that this son is a 26 year old bachelor and VERY VERY MESSY!!!! While I was doing the shampooing, he was rebooting the laundry. So he now has a clean house and all the laundry done. We also rearranged photos, candles, etc. As soon as the weather gets nice, I will help him get his yard cleaned up.

I got home from Frisco on Wednesday. My little granddaughter was feeling much better and was able to return to daycare. So, it really is nice that I can be available to help my "kids" when they need me. I hope that when I need some help, they will come to my aid. Tonight, I am really tuckered out from all the work that I did at ds's house. I worked from 10:15 until 5:15. DH did not want takeout which was what this tired old woman was going to get. Instead, he wanted a sandwich, so I went by Sam's and got turkey, extra-fiber bread, avocado, bell pepper, and Monterrey Jack cheese. I also got some of their southwestern hummus. I just love it! So hopefully tomorrow, I will make some progress on that garage.... anyone need me to do something else????

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Jen said...

What an amazing mother, wife, grandmother and friend you are! Such a blessing to soooo many!!