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Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Yesterday I was so sore from Monday's workout. My thighs, my shoulders, and oh my gosh, my triceps. I have never done the tricep workout where I kept my arms straight and went back with my arms. I have always been kinda bent over and then did the triceps extension from the elbow. When I was working the triceps I was working them to exhaustion. So yesterday I went for a walk- not a fast pace and my distance was 3.4 miles. And today I had planned to do the Jackie DVD again, but I am still too sore. So I walked again. Only today, I walked at a much faster pace and even did a little jogging also. I did the same mileage - 3.4 miles. Even though it is cold, I still got hot under my layers. I just have to make sure that my head and ears are covered. I also had some plain knitted gloves on. So tomorrow I plan to do Jackie's 40 minute workout again.

Did anyone catch Richard Simmons on Dr. Oz on Monday? I love Richard Simmons. He is just so loveable. If you have ever seen Richard Simmons then you know how he is... so tender-hearted-they of course made him cry by honoring him on the show. They said that he had been helping people for 35 years and that they have it calculated that he has helped people lose over 3 million pounds. I think Richard Simmons has done alot to help really obese people or couch potatoes who get up and move and lose weight. He does make exercise fun. Does he not have any kind of a show on TV now? Does he just do videos? I know alot of people have progressed way beyond Richard Simmons, but I feel he still commands a great audience and continues to help the overweight of America. Go Richard! I applaud you.


Jen said...

ahhh...Richard Simmons. Just the thought of him makes me giggle! He's so happy! Which is probably why he's been so succesful! People are drawn to people like that!

Great job on the walking/jogging! Excellent choice on a day when you're sore. All that walking/jogging will work that soreness right out and get you ready to go again the next day! You're doing a fabulous job, setting a wonderful example for your family and friends! and just FYI: I don't care if you're doing P90X or any beachbody workout...I'm still your coach! :o) Love ya!
Oh and I have to tell you a praise report!!!:Because of our tax return and my hubby's overtime...we were able to pay off our 2nd mtg and our big credit card. Now we only have 2 small debts remaining and if my calculations are right...we will be able to pay those off with this next paycheck and then we'll be debt-free (other than the house!) Next big agenda is to get our savings acct. built up and then start saving for a new vehicle! All GLORY TO GOD!!!

Jen said...

And I can't leave without mentioning that the best part we can start blessing OTHERS!! I can't wait till we are giving (to God and others) MORE than we keep for ourselves!! Woohoo!!!