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Monday, February 15, 2010

Made It Through My Workout

Okay, I had to put this photo on again because I was wrong when I said this was not the right video. It is the same video. The photo I was looking at last night was a little brochure that came with the video and it had a photo of Jackie dressed in a red outfit. So today I planned to do the workout early, but instead I got busy here at the house and then went to town. I got home and started my supper, and began the video a little before 5:00 p.m. This is a tough workout! I did the 40 minute workout. Jackie does three exercises for each body part and then does a power workout where she combines all three. Then you move on to the next body part and again do three exercises for that body part and then the bonus workout. So this complete circuit was quads, hamstrings, glutes, back, all three of these together-biceps, triceps, and shoulders, then upper abs, and finally lower abs. We have a short warm-up, and a short cool-down. I had to stop about three times during the workout. I was so hot, so out of breath, and was pushed my muscles to the extreme. I used either 8 lb dumbbells or 5 lb dumbbells. When I did complete my workout, I went to the kitchen to finish supper. As I was standing there at the stove, my muscles were twitching, and I was shakey. Indeed, she did push my muscles to exhaustion. Tonight I moved in a way that caused me to get a big "Charley-horse" in my hamstring. What I loved most about this workout was that it went very fast- only 40 minutes, but it was very fast-paced. There was no slowing down, not much chit-chat, and it was not boring at all. I would have to give my score as about a 75. Yes, I was passing, but there is so much room for improvement. So since I did the full body, tomorrow I am going to get on the treadmill and I will either walk on an incline or walk/jog. I will do that about 20-30 minutes. So I am going to do this video for awhile and then maybe I will go back to P90X later. But the really good news is.... I'M BACK!!!!!

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Jen said...

Dee this sounds GREAT! I wish we lived close so I could borrow this DVD or do it with you!! I'm all about switching things up and giving our muscles a little "shock!"
So glad to hear that you're back...and that you're sore! Means you're workin hard!!
Keep up the great work!