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Friday, February 26, 2010

New photos

Okay, here are some new photos of my efforts. Well actually I made the log cabin quilt a long time ago. And then I did not have the time to quilt it. I did the piecing and I hired someone to hand quilt it for me. It was actually two twin quilts. When my mother moved to her new place she got rid of her king size bed and replaced it with a queen. I got the two log cabin quilts and I pinned the borders underneath. I whip-stitched them together, and you cannot tell unless you get within a foot to look that they are not really one king size quilt. I made the Euro-shams from some fabric I got on sale. It was not expensive, but boy... those Euro pillow forms were...over $20 a piece. I have four old cabin prints above the bed, but not in this photo... don't know if I just did not have them up yet or what.

The photo with all the birdhouses is the appliqued shower curtain that took me FOREVER to finish. But I kept on it and finally finished it. This bathroom is my "primitive" room. Most of my house is French country or early American or country. The rod for this shower curtain is supposed to be a huge limb. I went to floral places and nursery places looking for this. I also looked in the woods. I had no luck finding what I needed, but I wanted to hurry up and get this up since it had taken me so long to do it. I got a closet pole that I had and I stained it brown and put it up. I like the way it looks.

I am also including the bib that I made for my granddaughter's first birthday. I had a photo of this.. actually it was an order blank from years ago... when my kids were babies. I never ordered the bib, but I kept the photo. I looked at it and made my own pattern. My daughter used cupcakes for the party theme; hence, the cupcake fabric which I found adorable.

Other photos show our camphouse and the antique quilts on the bed. My sister-in-laws (dh's sisters-one living, one deceased) gave my kids these quilts. I had them stored in a closet, and I really needed the room. Also, they get very little light where they are, so I decided to make use of them. My kids love to go to 669, so they can enjoy them out there until they have a place for them. I have included photos of our camp- two bedrooms and a loft. I show the house except for one of the bedrooms. I will post it later.
I am also including photos of my granddaughter's first birthday.

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