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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Little to Blog About

My beautiful daughter and granddaughter
Friends and Family at Olive Garden

Fish Fry

Well, I have felt like I had little to blog about. I was quite busy a couple of weeks ago. My sister was here from N.C. for a visit and my daughter and granddaughter were here during that time. It seems we were on the go, but not doing anything really spectacular. My dh fried up some good ole catfish! I probably said it before, but he cooks it better than any restaurant. It is meaty on the inside and crispy on the outside... just the way I like it. My sons and their gfs were here for the fish fry. One of the days my sister was here, we headed over to ds's house... you know the house where I redid the bathroom. Well... he has moved to the Woodlands, and the house is for sale. I borrowed a power washer and we got the patio and back deck all spruced up- this east Texas weather is notorious for growing mildew. The house is pretty much all cleared out- now if only a buyer will come along.

I had a doctor appointment to check my thyroid levels on Monday. I have not yet heard back from my lab results. After my appointment which was in Houston I headed down to Galveston. I met up with a friend there, and we had dinner and a movie. I seldom go to the movie here in town, but for some reason when I am in Galveston I like to go. I saw the new Matt Damon movie, Adjustment Bureau, I think that is what it was called. It was not a great movie.. too strange for me. I don't care for movies that are fantasy and not true to life. I had some great seafood while I was in Galveston. One day some boiled shrimp and a fish taco, and then the next day shrimp enchiladas. That was a first for me on the shrimp enchiladas, and my opinion is... it was not something I would order again. I did get to soak up some sun while I was there and also went for two walks- both about 3 miles. I had to cut my trip short to return home for a funeral. It was the father of one of my friends- he was 87, and had lived a very full life. And then tomorrow will be another funeral of an acquaintance's 34 year old daughter. It is also the niece of one of my dear friends. Such a shock to all of the family to lose her at such a young age. So as of late, I have been overwhelmed with thinking of my friends and the loss they are experiencing. But thankfully both of the people that died knew Jesus as Saviour and knew where they would spend eternity. This is what is and will continue to sustain these loved ones left behind. They have the hope of seeing their departed again.

I am trying to get myself going. I have walked every day for 3 days. So far today I have not made it because I had too much to do. That is no excuse! But the day is not over yet.

Today I got up and cut up alot of green onions that went right into the food dehydrator. They are still drying now. Tomorrow I am getting my new baby chicks. There are so many things I want to do, and I am usually either short on energy or short on time. I love living in the country.

I have several projects that I want to get done. I had been working on that birthday banner and I want to finish it. I have still not finished the T shirt quilts I started. I want to learn how to crochet, knit, and tat. My garden will soon be started. I need to get busy again with my kitchen garden- namely basil, oregano, cilantro, and mint. There are lots of cute little outfits I want to make my gd, and I got a serger from a friend that I want to learn how to operate. Like I said.. lots of things I want to do!! I will post later showing my onions and also the homemade pizza that I made. So don't give up on me.. I plan to blog more in the future.

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